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The words you type into Google, the websites you visit, the text messages you send, the people you call orRead More

Who, What, Where and When: UK Police Track Data Every Two Minutes

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Following his sudden resignation as President of FIFA Tuesday, Sepp Blatter finds himself the subject of investigation by US prosecutorsRead More

FBI Probe Launched Into Outgoing FIFA President Blatter – Reports

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Have you ever been walking in a dark alley and seen something that you thought was a crouching person, butRead More

Why Facebook Is the Junk Food of Socializing

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George Osborne’s obsession with reducing Britain’s debt mountain may do more harm than good, research by the International Monetary FundRead More

Britain can afford to live with high debt ‘forever’, says IMF

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The Bilderberg group will coalesce June 9-14th in the Austrian Mountains at the Interalpen Hotel The Bilderberg group will coalesceRead More

BILDERBERG 2015 Elites Prepare For Nuclear And Economic Devastation

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Chemtrails in Pictures