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​More Muslims needed in British Army, urges military chief


More British Muslims should be recruited into the UK’s armed forces, one of Britain’s highest-ranking soldiers has said. Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK blamed the poor uptake on the community’s ‘demonization’ and Britain’s ‘unethical’ foreign policy.

General Sir Nicholas Carter, Chief of the General Staff, admitted that the number of ethnic minorities in the army was “nowhere near where it needs to be,” particularly in relation to religious minority groups such as Muslims.

Figures released by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) showed only 0.54 percent of regular soldiers identified as ‘Muslim’ – with many coming from commonwealth countries, rather the UK.

According to the figures, there are just 480 Muslims serving in the British Army, one of the lowest representations of a minority group across the forces.

Ethnic minorities are generally unrepresented, with non-white ethnic groups making up less than 10 percent of the British military – around 9,100 of the 88,500 troops in the regular forces.

“We have to do more. My highest priority is ensuring we continue to have the best possible talent throughout our army,” General Carter said.


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Source: RT