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16 countries in the EU vote against GM crops as GMO backlash sweeps the globe

As the month of March came to an end, a majority of European Union members voted against a proposal that would bring in two new types of genetically modified maize. Sixteen members of the EU took a stand against the introduction of new GMO crops, but will that be enough to keep them out of Europe?

The two new varieties of maize include DuPont Pioneer’s 1507 and Syngenta’s Bt11. Both varieties kill insects by producing their own pesticides, and are resistant to Bayer’s glufosinate herbicide. If they are approved, Eco Watch reports that they will be the first new GMO crops approved for cultivation since 1998 — nearly twenty years ago.

Even though a majority of the EU voted against the approval of these new GMO varieties, it appears that simply is not enough to keep them out. As Reuters explains, the votes were not considered decisive because the opposition did not include a “qualified majority,” which is defined as including countries that make up at least 65 percent of the EU.


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