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Sunday, April 5th, 2015


Illuminati Symbolism in the Film ‘Zardoz’ (1974)

  By: Jay I don’t generally title an article with anything “Illuminati,” due to it essentially becoming meaningless as a term nowadays, but in the case of Zardoz, it actually fits. I’ve titled many analyses with sensational bylines about being the full revelation, the secret of this or that, but only two other films have garnered the actual use of “Illuminati” – Blade Runner and Eyes Wide Shut.  Best known as theRead More


Your Parents Just Became The NSA With This Car Manufacturer’s Spying App

Another excuse to track us all ?? If Mom and Dad give you a new automobile, they may be tracking you everywhere. Is that a bad thing? GM has a message for teenagers who want to drive its cars: even if your older sibling has left for college, Big Brother is still watching you. That’s because of Teen Driver, GM’s new safety system, which allows parents to cap your speed,Read More

Germans stage massive anti-NATO rally in Berlin

  People in Germany have taken to the streets in the capital, Berlin, to voice their anger at the warmongering policies of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Over 1,000 people and members of around 40 different organizations took part in the demonstration, which took place in central Berlin, on Saturday. Chanting anti-NATO slogans, the angry demonstrators called for a swift end to the NATO-led arms trade and its ongoingRead More

Jail the hipsters: ISIS threatens to imprison men caught wearing SKINNY JEANS, having music on their mobile phones or smoking

War Against Christianity   Islamic State militants have imposed a new law threatening to jail any man caught wearing skinny jeans or having music on their mobile phones in an apparent crackdown on hipsters. The terror group said it would also imprison anyone caught smoking or turning up late for prayer in further draconian crackdowns in its Syrian stronghold of Raqqa. Violators will be jailed for ten days, during whichRead More

Report Finds Gerber Baby Food Filled With GMOs

    What kind of person, even as the head of a major food retailer, would want to feed developing children pesticides and questionable genetically modified ingredients? That’s a question to consider when you find out that one of Gerber’s popular baby food items has been found to be full of insecticidal GMOs. Do these executives not realize they are feeding these to our children or do they just notRead More

Polish airport used by CIA obtains millions in EU funds

  A small airport in north-eastern Poland used by the CIA to fly in kidnapped detainees for torture at a nearby intelligence training camp has received over €30 million in EU funds. The EU money is part of a larger €48.5 million sum to turn the former military airstrip into an international commercial airport known as Szymany. The Brussels-executive has no oversight because the amounts taken from the European regionalRead More

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