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July, 2015


Bill allows government to revoke Americans’ passports without charges or trial

A bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives would allow the government to restrict Americans’ travel through the revocation of passports based upon mere suspicions of unscrupulous activity.  This bill represents another dangerous step forward in the war on terror and the disintegration of American due process. H.R. 237, the “FTO (Foreign Terrorist Organization) Passport Revocation Act of 2015,” will allow the U.S. Secretary of State the unchecked authorityRead More


Hackers Can Disable A Sniper Rifle

Put a computer on a sniper rifle, and it can turn the most amateur shooter into a world-class marksman. But add a wireless connection to that computer-aided weapon, and you may find that your smart gun suddenly seems to have a mind of its own—and a very different idea of the target. Security researchers Runa Sandvik, left, and husband Michael Auger have figured out how to hack into a TrackingRead More

History of Secret Societies! Knights Templar, Illuminati, Assassins, Freemasons…

Were the Illuminati behind the former Soviet Union and their secret service KGB? This documentary has put forward some very interesting proof to suggest that that was the case. Was the Vatican on it as well? It is for you to research and decide for yourself. A movement of freethinkers that were the most radical offshoot of The Enlightenment — whose followers were given the name Illuminati (but who calledRead More



The CIA has limited my reach on social media. Some of my videos have been shared on other YouTube channels. I welcome and encourage such action, in case they shut me down completely. – Bahman Nassiri –                


Four New “Police Academy” Kiev’s Policemen Beating Homeless Man

New uniforms, old mentality… These people successfully finished new US funded training in Kiev’s police academy. Their methods are so newbiesh and ineffective that if they’re gonna ever stumble upon a real criminal what will happen then? Luckily they still don’t have guns. In that case, it can be lethal for homeless people, like it often happens in case of their Big brother across the ocean.        Read More

US, EU ‘Give Up’ Ukraine to Seek Russian Political Support

After inciting the Ukrainian conflict that led the country to a civil war and brought it to the verge of economic collapse, the West has now realized that Ukraine isn’t worth much, at least not as much as establishing a working political relationship with Russia, US political journalist Brian Whitmore said. The United States and the European Union (EU) are “selling out” Ukraine to Russia to gain the Kremlin’s support in dealing with Iran’sRead More

Retired HEAD OF FBI Tells ALL “Illuminati, Satanism, Pedophile Rings

  Retired HEAD OF FBI Tells ALL “Illuminati, Satanism, Pedophile Rings”              


Putin: It’s strange when we have to deal with the US in order to discuss issues with Europe

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave an interview to a Swiss news channel, sharing his perspective on the current situation in Europe. RT’s Madina Kochenova has more.              

Sandra Fecht: “Children Are Being Abused In Satanic Rituals

  Sandra Fecht: “Children Are Being Abused In Satanic Rituals. David Icke Was Right”.              

Germany and EU to Legalize Pedophilia and with it, Child Pornography as well!

Booklets from a subsidiary of the German government’s Ministry for Family Affairs encourage parents to sexually massage their children as young as 1 to 3 years of age. Two 40-page booklets entitled “Love, Body and Playing Doctor” by the German Federal Health Education Center (Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung – BZgA) are aimed at parents – the first addressing children from 1-3 and the other children from 4-6 years of age.Read More

The Military Will Test a New Terrifyingly Loud Noise Directed Energy Gun

Imagine walking through a field on a cloudless day when you suddenly hear the 130-decibel roar of a fighter jet. But you can’t spot the jet, or even tell which direction the sound is coming from. Rather, it seems to originate from the thin air in front of your face, like a shout from an angry, Old-Testament God. No, you aren’t hallucinating. And you aren’t Moses. You’re experiencing a newRead More

Europe ‘feels like Nazi Germany,’ says Madonna

Rising intolerance and anti-Semitism have reached the point when “it feels like Nazi Germany,” pop icon Madonna said, adding that France, in particular, no longer encourages diversity and freedom. “We’re living in crazy times. It feels like Nazi Germany,” Madonna said in an interview to Europe 1 radio, adding that the situation in Europe is “scary.” The 56-year-old singer also pointed that France has totally lost its tradition of welcomingRead More


University Professor Says Ebola is a Genetically Modified, Lab-Made Virus

In a recently released report titled “Estimating Ebola Treatment Needs, United States,” the CDC is still playing down its latest round of fear-mongering for the virus which was “meant to infect every man, woman, and child in the US.” To date, and by their own admission there have been only 10 cases in the entire U.S. How disappointing for the makers of the Ebola vaccine. Especially when publications like the Liberian Observer,Read More

Scotland Yard Chief Wants to Install CCTV Cameras in Every Home

The United Kingdom’s top law enforcement official says home and business owners should consider outfitting their property with video surveillance to assist police. Privacy advocates are, predictably, up in arms. Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said in an interview with LBC civilians should set up closed-circuit television (CCTV) in their homes to aid police by giving footage to match the twelve-million images of criminal suspects and offenders the city has on record. Journalist and and radio hostRead More


[68] Native Americans Killed by Police & Crossing the Korean DMZ

On this episode of Watching the Hawks, Tyrel Ventura and Tabetha Wallace discuss the high rate of Native Americans being killed by police in the US. RT Correspondent, Harry Fear, then talks about the decision to close several US bases in Europe. Tyrel then talks about a WWII era bomb that was found on a beach in Florida. Tabetha is then joined by Medea Benjamin, Co-founder of Codepink, to discussRead More


Agenda 21: We’re Being Conquered By Banks, Not Tanks

Alex Jones special report on Agenda 21 and how we’re being conquered by banks, not tanks.     Related: FLORIDA MAN ORDERED BY CITY TO KEEP BBQ SMELL FROM LEAVING HIS PROPERTY –…        

Washington Post Columnist: Air Conditioning is Sexist

According to Washington Post columnist Petula Dvorak, the latest example of the evil patriarchy trying to oppress women in the workplace comes in the form of air conditioning, yes air conditioning. After talking to female office workers in downtown Washington, Dvorak comes to the conclusion that cool AC temperatures represent, “the gender divide, thermostat edition.” Since women tend to wear less clothes in summer, they are more likely to complainRead More

The Crashing Matrix and Last Ditch Trans-Everything Agenda

The outdated matrix programming by the engineers of deceit can’t keep up. The vibrational changes are exceeding their capabilities.  The imitators of creation can’t maintain a current operating system any longer in the face of this massive Universal shift we’re undergoing. And it’s driving them nuts. Just look at the desperation we’re witnessing. Crude military and police state maneuvers are only one aspect, of course working in concert with dastardly economicRead More

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