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Thursday, July 2nd, 2015


British Education Secretary says homophobia may be a sign of extremism, is she going to investigate herself?

As far as hapless Today interviews go, Nicky Morgan’s was in the middle-weight category. It wasn’t disasterous, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that she’s not clever enough to stay out of trouble forever. It was especially revealing about the hopeless muddle of the government’s counter-extremism programme, not least of all because Morgan inadvertently suggested an extremism taskforce was needed to investigate her. The education secretary was on to defend herRead More

French Economy In “Dire Straits”, “Worse Than Anyone Can Imagine”, Leaked NSA Cable Reveals

Earlier today Wikileaks released a new batch of NSA intercepts among which one in particular stands out: an intercepted communication which reveals that then French Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici believes the French economic situation was far worse, as of mid-2012, than perceived. Specifically, Moscovici who served as French finance minister until 2014 and then became European commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs, used some very colorful language, i.e., theRead More

With This Device You Can Connect Anonymously To Wi-Fi 2.5 Miles Away

It’s hard to be anonymous online. You can use Tor, the anonymizing tool originally funded by the US Navy. But even Tor isn’t bulletproof, as there are various ways spies can still identify you. You can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN), but some of them keep logs of customers that can be given away if they get a subpoena. Now, a researcher has created a device to give whistleblowers,Read More

Third Google Executive Dies Within Three Years, What Is Going On?

There seems to be something about the secrecy that is surrounding the deaths of yet another Google executive, as it was reported that he was run down by a taxi in Cannes, France. He is now the third top executive to die in the last three years.  What’s even more strange, is that Google has refused to release the executives name or even the details of the incident because of “respect for theRead More

From riches to ruins: Ancient Greeks ‘stored millions in cash’ in Parthenon attic

While Greece has become the first developed nation to default on its international obligations, archaeologists believe they have discovered the place where ancient Greeks may have once kept millions in silver and gold. A team of researchers managed to recreate the attic inside one of the world’s greatest cultural monuments in Athens. Although historical records do not reveal where exactly the coins were stored on the ancient landmark, the AcropolisRead More

Brzezinski – Russia Must Be Sure Ukraine Won’t Join NATO

Former US National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski stands by his convictions that Ukraine should never join the North Atlantic Alliance if peace and stability in the war-torn country and the region as a whole is to last. Brzezinski’s full recipe for solving the yearlong Ukrainian crisis is the following: “Ukraine must have a right to freely choose its political identity and forge closer ties with Europe. At the same time, Russia must beRead More


National Geographic – Cia Secret Experiments (Documentary)

  It’s the height of the Cold War and the United States government is desperate to combat the spread of Communism. The CIA launches a highly classified, top secret research program into the covert use of biological and chemical agents. In simulated attacks on enemy populations, entire cities in America are contaminated with bacteria, exposing millions of Americans to germ warfare. But the real focus of the research is onRead More

Lost Boys (1987) – Revelation of Satanic Ritual Abuse?

  One of the classic 80s cult films I’ve overlooked and delayed doing an analysis of has been Joel Schumacher’s 1987 Lost Boys… While somewhat of a box office hit at the time, the film is arguably more popular now than it was at the time of its release. With straight to DVD sequels and endless references in pop culture references, Lost Boys is its own little phenomenon. However, when we consider theRead More

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