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Monday, August 17th, 2015


Google Is Making A Secret Map Of Every Place You’ve Ever Been (And Here’s How)

Google now has the capability to track your movements in the real world and store it virtually forever. A new feature in Google Maps called “Your Timeline” enables the search giant to follow every place you’ve been, store it, and then show it to you on a personalized map. Your Timeline allows users of smart phones and other devices powered by Google’s Android system to track all of their movements.Read More

Mass Casualty Bus Seen In Texas As Reuters Warns Of Civil Unrest, Food Shortages

With international news agency Reuters now warning of the possibilities of worldwide food shortages leading to civil unrest, we take a look at the photographs seen above and below of a mass casualty vehicle that were recently sent to us by ANP reader Layla Harrington in the town of Longview, Texas as well as a new video out in which Jim Bakker tells us that he is preparing to goRead More


Spain’s Sex Supermarket

When it comes to sex work, Spain is in a state of flux. Unspecific laws on prostitution and open European borders have led to a huge stream of migrant women forced into sex work as they attempt to relocate into the country. At the same time, Spain’s economic problems have stirred a growing number of women to take charge of the situation and willingly turn their bodies into businesses. TravelingRead More


Joe Rogan and NASA Physicist We’re Living in the Matrix

Joe Rogan and NASA Physicist Tom Campbell discuss the nature of reality. They explore the simulation theory of existence as well as the importance of creating goals for yourself, making a mental place holder for yourself in the future.    

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