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Friday, October 16th, 2015


‘Disaster waiting to happen’: ‘Dustbin ship’ with 25 tons of nuclear waste heading to Australia

A ship carrying 25 tons of nuclear waste has departed from France bound for Australia, despite environmentalists sounding the alarm. The critics say the ‘dustbin ship’ is not fit to carry hazardous cargo. The BBC Shanghai departed this week from the port of Cherbourg in northern France with a load of nuclear waste. It originated at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) and had been shipped in theRead More


The Secret CIA Time Travel Program

Portals appear in many books, movies and video games. Some of them connect distant places, others travel back or forward in time, and the most powerful ones bridge into different dimensions. Most people suppose these gateways exist only in the realm of mysticism or science fiction, but there are some who strongly believe that portals have been opened up in ancient times and, quite possibly, even in the present day.Read More

Smartphones Could be Worse for Your Skin than the Sun

SMARTPHONES and laptops could do more damage to your skin than the sun, research suggests. The blue light emitted from your TV, computer and phone is called high-energy visible light (HEV) and is as dangerous, if not more, than sun damage. Research on the specific effects of HEV is still developing, but scientists have said the light penetrates skin more deeply than the sun’s UV rays. The study suggests theRead More


Obama’s New War In Africa: Do We Need It?

The Obama Administration’s disastrous invasion of Libya scattered well-armed jihadists throughout Africa and the Middle East, including to Syria and Cameroon. After emptying out Gaddafi’s arsenals, these groups proceeded to spread their mayhem. Yesterday, President Obama announced that he was sending US troops into Cameroon to help defeat one of the groups who benefitted from the US-led intervention in Libya, the ISIS-affiliated Boko Haram. Today’s Liberty Report look at whetherRead More


Police Find 14 Containers of Human Tissue in Abortion Doctor’s Car

  OB/GYN being investigated for possibly giving illegal abortions Police officers in Michigan found 14 containers of human tissue and other evidence in a obstetrician/gynecologist’s car that indicate he may be providing illegal abortions. Local Detroit news outlet WXYZ reported that police in West Bloomfield recently raided the vehicle of OB/GYN Michael Arthur Roth, who has been practicing medicine for more than 30 years. According to sources, authorities discovered 14 containers of human tissue, which may include fetuses,Read More

How the Pentagon is hiding the dead

    In the name of ‘counting every casualty,’ the Pentagon is systematically undercounting deaths from the ‘war on terror’ and the ‘war on drugs,’ in the Middle East, Central Asia, and Latin America. Complicit in this great deception are some of the world’s most respected anti-war activists. In this exclusive investigation, Insurge Intelligence reveals that a leading anti-war monitoring group, Iraq Body Count (IBC), is deeply embedded in theRead More

Billionaire Soros Comes Under Fire in Homeland

Politicians have accused him of supporting illegal migration amidst a refugee crisis… Hedge fund mogul George Soros has come under fire in his native Hungary, where politicians have accused him of supporting illegal migration amidst a refugee crisis that’s brought the right-wing government under pressure. Government representatives including Prime Minister Viktor Orban have slammed Soros in recent weeks for promoting liberal migrant policies and backing a variety of organizations throughRead More

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