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Sunday, November 8th, 2015



The 007 Effect: James Bond, the Spy Who Loved Brands

The world’s favorite special agent is back – and so are the brands behind his drinks, cars and watches. Bond films are some of the most heavily branded in movie history, with companies paying millions to get their products on screen alongside the world’s most famous spy. The latest instalment, Spectre, has its world premiere in the U.K. on Monday. With Bond-themed ad campaigns and pre-release hype in full-swing, Seesaw Media’s DarylRead More

Russian Millionaire & Founder of RT Discovered Dead In Washington DC Hotel Room

It  was reported late on Friday that Mikhail Lesin, the former head of media affairs for the Russian government, and the founder of Russia Today (RT), was found dead in the hotel room that he was staying at in Washington DC. Lesin, who is said to be a close associate to Russian President Putin, was staying at the Hotel Dupont when he passed away this week, and very few detailsRead More


Project Camelot: Farah Yurdozu : Reptilian Crecent

  I interviewed the well known Turkish UFO investigator and author, Farah Yurdozu while in Istanbul on the way to Gobekli Tepe. She has written several books (only one has been translated into English so far). She has made her mark in the field of Ufology as an astute investigator and thoughtful observer of human nature and the paranormal. We discuss the extensive evidence for the role that Reptilians haveRead More

Malicious adware infects 20,000 apps for Androids, almost impossible to eradicate

  Security researchers have found a new type of Android adware, which can trojanize itself into some of the most popular apps, such as WhatsApp and Facebook. More than 20,000 apps are said to be at risk overall and once embedded, the adware is almost impossible to remove. The adware advertises itself as legitimate apps that are extremely popular with Android users. These apps can be downloaded from third-party appRead More


The Empire Files: The Distortion & Death Behind Israel/Palestine Coverage

A crisis in Palestine is again all over the headlines. From stabbings and molotov cocktails, to killing of protesters and anti-Arab lynch mobs–how much of the mass media coverage can we really trust? Abby Martin takes a look at how the so-called “Israel-Palestine conflict” has been covered by the mainstream press during the last crisis in the region, and the variety of tactics employed by the state of Israel toRead More

Piers Morgan: ISIS Will Nuke America

It has yet to be determined what brought down a Russian airliner over the Sinai last weekend, but a lack of evidence has not prevented former CNN host Piers Morgan from placing blame on ISIS and warning of cataclysmic consequences if Obama fails to attack the terror army. “Another bunch of rabid Islamic fundamentalists has developed the capacity to commit mass murder in the skies, 14 years after Al QaedaRead More


Planet X Nibiru November 2015 Update

This latest Planet X Nibiru November 2015 Update presents powerful and compelling evidence that the most critical events of the Bible the Creation of the heavens and Earth, the birth of Christ, and His Second Coming are all three bound together by the regular re-appearance of a mysterious tenth planet in our solar system. This mysterious planet, dubbed Planet X by modern astronomers who have been searching for it forRead More

RT Documentary

ISIS vs Christ

In early 2015, a small Egyptian village was dealt a cruel blow. ISIS killed 20 men from Al-Ur because they were Christian. Now their families take comfort from their faith as they to come to terms with the loss. The whole community honours the dead as martyrs, Christian and Muslim neighbours alike mourn their deaths and condemn the killers. A few survived and are torn between survivor’s guilt and admirationRead More

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