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Saturday, December 5th, 2015



Only I and my paper were prosecuted’ – journalist who exposed Turkey’s hospitality for jihadists

  There were numerous reports of Islamist fighters injured in Syria finding shelter and treatment in Turkish hospitals. Dogu Eroglu, a journalist who broke one such story, told RT it resulted in only him and his newspaper being prosecuted. Eroglu is an investigative journalist working for the opposition BirGun (One Day) newspaper. In September last year he wrote an expose on a medical facility in Gaziantep, a town in southeastern TurkeyRead More


Turkish president Erdogan unveils his new palace of a thousand rooms

  The Turkish president has unveiled his new presidential palace on Wednesday amidst huge controversy. Opposition politicians have mocked the extravagance of the palace – which has 1,000 rooms and is understood to have cost more than 270 million euros – and say it is evidence of the president’s autocratic tendencies. Environmentalists are angry that the complex has been built on one of the city’s best preserved green spaces andRead More

The Hidden Meaning of Taylor Swift’s Video “Style”

  Taylor Swift’s Style is said to be about her ex-lover Harry Styles. Through symbolism, however, the video gives the song another meaning: It is about the having an alter persona, the ultimate result of Monarch mind control.   Taylor Swift has for years been one of the biggest selling artist in the record industry. She is nothing less than a pop culture phenomena with an enormous fan base andRead More


Global Warming Alarmists Can’t Even Get Their Science Straight

Weather Channel founder slams climate change advocates Alex Jones talks with Weather Channel founder John Coleman about how the global warming alarmists haven’t even gotten the science behind their ideas straight and have in fact reversed the relationship between carbon and heat .   .

Google is now after your blood: Patent reveals the firm is planning a ‘needle-free’ way to collect samples using smartwatches

  Smartwatches already collect data about your heart rate, how much exercise you do and your stress levels, but in the future they could take this a considerable step further. Google has filed a patent for a ‘needle-free blood draw’ system that could be built into a wearable attached to someone’s wrist, or a hand-held device. The filing describes a machine that sends a pulse of gas into a barrelRead More