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Monday, January 4th, 2016



Belgium’s nuclear power plants ‘falling to bits’ – German officials

Germany is alarmed over neighbouring Belgium’s decision to re-launch two aging nuclear reactors amid serious safety concerns. Belgian nuclear plants have suffered a series of mishaps, and German officials are preparing to confront the government in Brussels over fears of a potential meltdown .   .

Silent Mode On: UK Cameron at Fault for Not Condemning Saudi Executions

    Prominent world leaders have expressed concern over Saudi Arabia’s execution of 47 people accused of terrorism, with the notable exception of UK Prime Minister David Cameron, prompting global condemnation of his “utterly shameful” behavior. Reprieve, an international human rights advocacy group, said the UK “must not turn a blind eye to such atrocities and must urgently appeal to the kingdom to change course.” Leading human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell said, in anRead More

Soon Robots Will Have More Rights than Humans

  First, let me define my terms. When I use the word ‘robot,’ I am not referring only to automated machines or cybernetic androids. For the purposes of this article, ‘robot’ will refer to any artificially created entity or interface that is endowed with a high level of sentience and intelligence. A great example of this in popular culture is the operating system Samantha from the Spike Jonze film, Her,Read More

According to obtained documents, after rape and forcing inmates to do oral sex, British Soldiers could face charges for possible War Crimes committed in Iraq

British soldiers could face charges for war crimes that were allegedly committed during the 2003 invasion of Iraq, according to the head of a UK government unit that handles claims of torture and unlawful killing. Mark Warwick, a former police detective who runs the Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT), told The Independent in an interview on Saturday that there’s sufficient evidence to justify charges against British troops for the abuse and murder of Iraqi civilians.Read More