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March, 2016


French Counter-Terror Boss: ‘I Have Proof Who Killed Litvinenko – It Wasn’t Russia’

He says it was done by US and UK secret services and that he is going to go public with the evidence A former French official who has had senior roles in internal security and terror fighting has come forward with a remarkable statement: that he has documentary evidence proving that Alexander Litvinenko, the Russian spy who died from polonium poisoning, was killed by US and UK special services. InRead More

8 Things The Chinese Are Scrambling To Buy In America

There has been some confusion in recent months about the unprecedented M&A buying spree unleashed by Chinese investors on international, but mostly U.S. targets, a spree which has already resulted in a record amount of Chinese outbound M&A capital, manifesting in $41 billion in US deals in just the first quarter, already double the full amount for 2015… The truth is that there is nothing confusing about this: M&A isRead More

Florida: Huge Sinkhole Opens Up Causing Evacuation of Homes In Tarpon Springs

Authorities are responding to a sinkhole that opened up in Tarpon Springs. The hole is near Tarpon Shores Mobile Home Community at US-10 and Mango Street. Authorities say it is 60 feet wide and 35 feet deep. Six mobile homes have been evacuated as a precaution.             .

Personal freedom in Europe ‘too high’ to fight terrorism – ex-CIA chief

The European Union has “incredibly high standards” for privacy rights, and the rules made in Brussels may be hindering the ability of member nations to fight terrorism, former CIA Director Michael Hayden said. In an interview with CNBC’s “Squawk Box” program on Monday, Hayden said there may need to be some compromise between privacy rights and security concerns in Europe in order to better detect terror threats such as lastRead More

Planned Soros Sponsored Disruptions of Elections

A ship of fools setting sail on a collision course can only result in the sinking of the election process. Civil disobedience is a valid tactic to confront abusive power. However, to intentionally disrupt the Free Speech dialogue of a Presidential campaign misses the legitimacy of opposing truth to power. Donald Trump is not a public official and has no civic authority to demonstrate against. Yet, the brainless minions thatRead More

FBI Cracks iPhone, Drops Case Against Apple

The Justice Department dropped its case against Apple Monday after an “outside party” was reportedly used to crack the iPhone of Syed Farook. According to the court filing, “The government has now successfully accessed the data stored on Farook’s iPhone and therefore no longer requires the assistance from Apple Inc…” The phone, which was encrypted with a four-digit passcode, was designed to automatically erase its contents after 10 failed passcodeRead More

Al Jazeeza Presenter to Saudi Ambassador – “Why Support Democracy in Syria but Not Saudi Arabia?”

This past week, Al Jazeera presenter Mehdi Hasan sat down with Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the UN. He asked him a very pointed question regarding why he supports democracy in Syria but not in Saudi Arabia. It’s a great question, and let’s just say the answer was not at all convincing. Too much media these days merely serves as public relations for the status quo. What Mr. Hasan does inRead More

A European PATRIOT Act Will Not Keep People Safe

It was not long after last week’s horrifying bombings in Brussels that the so-called security experts were out warning that Europeans must give up more of their liberty so government can keep them secure from terrorism. I guess people are not supposed to notice that every terrorist attack represents a major government failure and that rewarding failure with more of the same policies only invites more failure. I am sureRead More

Russia News : Two Suns. Planet X is coming in 2016

Russia News : Two Suns. Planet X is coming in 2016         .

Number ONE Enemy of the State

There is immense confusion about the nature of the State. There is even more bewilderment about what constitutes a patriot. Any discussion in the civic realm begins with a cultural viewpoint. An attitude toward the proper role of the individual’s relationship with government based upon one’s value system and interpretation of civil order is natural. One man’s patriot is another man’s traitor. Where do you stand on the sentiments behindRead More

The End of America’s Two-Party System May Be upon Us

There’s a reason most parliamentary and presidential democracies have more than two political parties, and both Trump and Sanders are examples of why. Both nominee-hopefuls have increasingly come to represent polar opposites of the singular problem that the American two-party political system is suffering from: Stagnation. With only two parties, what this presidential race is showing is that there has been a tendency for those parties to become static and unbending in theirRead More

Austrian police investigate 5yo old ‘sex offender’

  A preschooler in the northern Austrian city of Linz has been accused of sexual harassment toward a 3-year-old girl by the toddler’s parents, local media report. Prosecution referred the case to the child services after dropping a police probe. Parents of a 3-year-old girl reported a sexual assault of their daughter to the police after her fellow 5-year-old kindergartener allegedly put a Lego brick in her panties. The parents,Read More

Total Confusion: Did Merkel Take a Selfie With Brussels Attack Suspect?

A photo depicting German Chancellor Angela Merkel taking a selfie with a man allegedly resembling Brussels bomber Najim Laachraoui has gone viral. The image published online depicts Merkel posing for a selfie with a refugee whose resemblance to the Paris bomb-maker and Brussels attacker Najim Laachraoui has been vividly discussed by Internet users. The picture was taken in September and has caused heated debate after recent terrorist attacks in Brussels. A series of terrorist attacks took place in theRead More

De Niro Backs Down: Documentary Linking Vaccines to Autism Will No Longer Be Shown At Film Festival

The Tribeca Film Festival has announced it will no longer be screening a documentary film depicting a causal link between vaccines and autism, following backlash that arose after actor and festival co-founder Robert De Niro declared he wanted the film to be shown. De Niro had previously defended wanting to screen the film, “Vaxxed: from Cover-Up to Catastrophe,” but on Saturday wrote he had re-considered his decision after reviewing itRead More

Why more and more women are identifying as bisexual and ‘no label’ – not lesbian

Women are more and more likely to identify as “bisexual” or “no label” if they are attracted to other women – and less likely to use the old-time favourite “lesbian”. According to a survey by social dating site Her, there has been an almost 20% drop in the women on its site identifying as “lesbian” in the last year alone. And among the 85,000 surveyed, there has been an riseRead More

Report: FBI Has Enough Evidence to Prosecute Hillary Clinton for Public Corruption

An investigation into possible mishandling of classified information on Hillary Clinton’s private email server has expanded to consider whether Clinton’s work as Secretary overlapped with her work for the Clinton Foundation run by her family. Fox News‘ Catherine Herridge published the report, citing unnamed FBI sources, Monday morning. The report indicates the initial security referral looking into whether or not classified information was mishandled has expanded to look at possible publicRead More

Radovan Karadzic deserves punishment – but what about the Neocons?

The conviction of Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic shows that no one is above the law, says the UN Commissioner for Human Rights, Prince Zeid Ra’ad Al-Hussein. Karadzic was just sentenced to forty years in jail for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY). “No matter how powerful they are, no matter how untouchable they imagine themselves to be, noRead More

Planet X Nibiru Detected by Astronomers around the World

When Planet X passes between earth and our sun, earth will align to its strong magnetic or gravitation temporarily, instead of our sun’s. For a short while Planet X will be earth’s strongest gravitational voice or influence. Earth’s rotation will then pause for a couple days, like it has many times before recorded in several texts from ancient history. The controllers of NASA and its insiders are fully aware ofRead More

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