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Wednesday, April 6th, 2016


Germans told ‘stay away from windows’ for Obama visit

When US President Barack Obama arrives in Hanover for a visit on Sunday April 24th, residents have been told very clearly what is expected of them: stay away from windows and do not wave. Local police issued advisory flyers out of security concerns for some 1,800 residents who live near the Congress Centrum and zoo area, where Obama will be meeting Chancellor Angela Merkel for the Hanover Messe, a majorRead More

#PanamaLeaks: British banker linked to North Korea’s nuclear research

A British banker has been linked to North Korea’s efforts to create nuclear weapons, the Panama Leaks have revealed, suggesting the financier set up an offshore company used by Pyongyang to fund nuclear research. An investigation by the Guardian alleges that Nigel Cowie, who was head of North Korea’s first foreign bank, registered a company in the British Virgin Islands. The revelations come amid a week of embarrassment for theRead More

Soros and Ford Foundation Behind the Panama Papers

The corporate media has seized upon the so-called Panama Papers linked to the law firm Mossack Fonseca to heap condemnation on Russian President Vladimir Putin. “ICIJ [International Consortium of Investigative Journalists] and an international coalition of media outlets investigated the trove of papers, which allegedly reveal a clandestine network involving associates of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and business ties between a member of FIFA’s [Fédération Internationale de Football Association] ethicsRead More

30% of People are Gay – According to Brainwashed Americans, Due to LGBT Propaganda in the Media 24/7

  30% of People are Gay – According to Brainwashed Americans, Due to LGBT Propaganda in the Media 24/7 Many brainwashed Americans believe that one out of three people are homosexual, due to the liberal propaganda that permeates mainstream (and social) media nonstop, when in reality it’s around one percent. Watch people’s insane answers when asked what percentage they think it is, and then see their reaction when they learnRead More

NO, David Cameron – your family’s tax affairs are NOT a ‘private matter’

David Cameron’s double standards really are appalling. Here’s his official line on his family’s involvement in the Panama tax haven scandal, courtesy of Reuters: British Prime Minister David Cameron’s spokeswoman declined to comment on Monday on whether the leader’s family had money invested in offshore funds set up by his father, saying it was a “private matter”. Cameron’s late father, Ian Cameron, was among hundreds of thousands clients named inRead More

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