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Friday, May 20th, 2016


1,000s of Ukraine nationalists vow to oust Poroshenko administration over Donbass elections

  Thousands of nationalists are protesting in front of the Ukrainian parliament in Kiev. The demonstrators are threatening to oust Ukrainian MPs and Petro Poroshenko’s administration if Kiev allows elections in Donbass. According to Kiev police, an estimated crowd of over 2,000 people have joined the protest, although organizers have said that at least 8,000 people are attending the event.     The protesters have blocked traffic in the centerRead More

Kiev Regime Targeting NGO That Looked for $2 Billion Kolomoisky Stole

  Kolomoisky stole $2 billion of IMF aid money, but Petro Poroshenko and Ukraine’s parliament are looking for a missing $2 million from a corruption-fighting NGO instead On March 17, Ukraine’s oligarch-owned propaganda TV channel Ukraine Today announced to the world a milestone in the fight against corruption. In response to the solicitation of two Verkhovna Rada parliamentarians (members of president Petro Poroshenko’s cabinet), the Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s Office (GPO) initiated an investigationRead More

( EXPLIT CONTENT) Ukrainian government considers legalization of prostitution to save its economy

    Sex services with a patriotic twist – latest trend in Ukraine. On internet forums women offer themselves to the Ukrainian National Guard members. Minimum bet – 10 hryvnas. Date with whoever will offer more money. New women that want to date National Guardsman for money appear on the site daily.     Another trend in Ivano-Farnkovsk – patriotic striptease. To the screams “glory to Ukraine” women in nationalRead More

Marine Le Pen: EU robbed us of all liberties, we should fight to get them back

Elections to the European Parliament have brought groundbreaking changes in the structure of EU’s most powerful body: right wing parties along with Eurosceptics, an outsiders just a few years ago, have now taken the political scene. Front Nacional party in France gets the majority – signifying that people want change; the same with other nations. But what now? Is the European change of course inevitable? What will happen to theRead More

“Brexit”: The Real Threat to Globalization

  This article tackles three issues: the impact of Brexit on Britain as a whole, both politically and economically; the impact of Brexit on the European project; and the impact of Brexit on British SMEs. This allows us to have a measured approach to British voters opting to leave the single market on the 23 June referendum. The impact of Brexit on Britain and globalization: the role of the CityRead More

Muslim Scholar Celebrates Extinction of ‘Blue Eyed, Blonde Haired’ Germans

Muslim Scholar Celebrates Extinction of ‘Blue Eyed, Blonde Haired’ Germans Islam scholar Lamya Kaddor said on German television that “being German” in future will not mean having blonde hair and blue eyes, but being a Muslim migrant and wearing a hijab      

Facebook Censors Pro Trump and Negative Hillary News

  The establishment protector of “PC” purity strikes again. By definition, Free Speech IS political. For reasons that only a hard core Hillary sycophant could understand, the mere posting or sharing of online reports on the 2016 Election Race is now blocked. Such a Facebook policy to disrupt political content goes to the heart of the Corporatocracy assault on open and uncensored political discourse. Little Mark Zuckerberg operates as the front andRead More

Black Magic and Dark Hidden Influences in the Music Industry

There are many connections that can be seen between the music industry and groups such as the Church of Satan who focus on the indulgence of the animalistic aspects of human nature, but also incorporate many negative or inverted spiritual symbols in their work and rituals.       Here’s what Nikolas Schreck – husband of former Satanic high priestess Zeena Schreck (LaVey) and son-in-law of Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey – had toRead More

The Truth About Our Cashless Society Future

‘As more and more economic turmoil continues to brew on an international scale, the global elite are manufacturing a global solution in the form of a cashless society. Dan Dicks breaks it down in this PFT video report.’

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