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Monday, August 22nd, 2016


Libya: From Africa’s Richest State Under Gaddafi, to Failed State After NATO Intervention

  This week marks the three-year anniversary of the Western-backed assassination of Libya’s former president, Muammar Gaddafi, and the fall of one of Africa’s greatest nations.   In 1967 Colonel Gaddafi inherited one of the poorest nations in Africa; however, by the time he was assassinated, Gaddafi had turned Libya into Africa’s wealthiest nation. Libya had the highest GDP per capita and life expectancy on the continent. Less people livedRead More

The DEA Is Literally Using Surveillance to Get Better at Stealing from Travelers

 When Louis Weiss, the former supervisor of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), was interviewed by USA Today’s Brad Heath, the former DEA employee had no problem discussing the government agencies’ dependence on stolen property in order to pad their budgets and increase discretionary spending. At the DEA, Weiss told USA Today, they “count on [civil asset forfeiture] as part of the budget.” “Basically,” the former DEA supervisor said, “you’ve got to feed the monster.” Several law enforcement agencies, includingRead More

South-East Ukraine: Crisis Diary (Unique Documentary Shot by Ordinary People

South-East Ukraine: Crisis Diary (Unique Documentary Shot by Ordinary People) While Crimea has already had a referendum, the situation in other Ukrainian regions is still unstable. People want their voices to be heard and are demanding a vote. RT managed to get footage from people living in various cities in southeastern Ukraine. Many of the videos and interviews you will see in this film have never been shown on television.Read More

Garlic, the NATURAL cure

Garlic, recognized for its healing powers in ancient times, is now being rediscovered by medical scientists, who have new evidence of its potency against cancer and heart disease. Sulfides, which are found in garlic in large amounts, stop the growth of tumors and inhibit carcinogens. According to the National Cancer Institute, garlic lies among the top of the list of foods ingested as a potential weapon against many types ofRead More

Foreign hyper-glide weapons ‘challenge’ to American Defense – media

The top brass of US Strategic Command acknowledges that hypersonic glide weapons developed by other countries are a serious challenge to Washington’s defense capabilities. The concerns were voiced during a Space and Missile Defense Symposium that was hosted in the US state of Alabama earlier this week, Defense News reports. It is “becoming increasingly more difficult” for the US to track down and tackle the foreign hyper-glide vehicles, Admiral Cecil Haney, chief ofRead More

Manufactured Civil Unrest and Regime Change: Is America Next?

“These revolutions are portrayed in the western media as popular democratic revolutions, in which the people of these respective nations demand democratic accountability and governance from their despotic leaders and archaic political systems. However, the reality is far from what this utopian imagery suggests. Western NGOs and media heavily finance and organize opposition groups and protest movements, and in the midst of an election, create a public perception of voteRead More

Microsoft Has Broken Millions Of Webcams With Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Why did the company remove these options? The short answer is that with the Anniversary update there are new scenarios for applications to be able to access the webcam and the MJPEG or H264 encoding processes could have resulted in duplication of encoding the stream (poor performance) so the company limited the input methods to stop this from happening. Because of this change, which Microsoft tried to defend but then realized theRead More

Hero Tax’: American Olympians to pay thousands in taxes for winning medals

Michael Phelps is widely regarded as one of the greatest athletes of all time. The most decorated Olympian in the history of the world, Phelps has won 28 medals in the Olympic Games. Unfortunately, all of those medals came with egregious taxes. No, seriously, the government has found a way to tax the equivalent of championship trophies. According to the Epoch Times, even though winning comes with a cash prize asRead More

Masonic Sings

Allegiance to Satan or mere coincidence?                                     Famous People Making Masonic Hand Signs