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Sunday, September 18th, 2016


Monica Lewinsky: The price of shame

In 1998, says Monica Lewinsky, “I was Patient Zero of losing a personal reputation on a global scale almost instantaneously.” Today, the kind of online public shaming she went through has become a constant. In a brave talk, she takes a look at our “culture of humiliation,” in which online shame equals dollar signs — and demands a different way. .

[LEAKED] Footage from campaign office of Huma Abedin and her husband Anthony Weiner

[LEAKED] Footage from campaign office of Huma Abedin and her husband Anthony Weiner when news of his sexting scandal first broke. How does she react after finding out her significant other had been sexting behind her back with 22 yr. olds? She asks “what’s your press statement going to be?” with zero emotion. .

What Is A Globalist?

What Is A Globalist? Lauren Southern of explains the real meaning behind the word we’re hearing in every political debate, from Brexit to the US election The reality is that globalism means something very specific, and very dangerous, if you value democracy, individualism, or any of the values of Western civilization.   .    

Still Report – Clinton Foundation – Greatest Fraud in US History

Good morning, I’m still reporting on the Clintons. This is some of the most startling information I’ve ever come across. Please listen carefully. Primary investigators of the Clinton Foundation say it’s really Robin Hood in reverse. The foundation steals money from programs supposedly for the poor and has pocketed at least $100 billion.   .

Who Started the War in East Ukraine Anyway?

.I thoroughly recommend the latest podcast on Sean’s Russia Blog, in which Sean Guillory interviews Baylor University professor Serhiy Kudelia about the origins of the war in Donbass. You can listen to it here. For those of you who don’t have the spare time to listen to the whole thing, here are some key points. Many local officials helped the separatists in the early stages of the uprising, including helping toRead More

CCTV camera captures alleged moment of Manhattan explosion

At least 29 people were injured in the blast, with one person suffering serious wounds. Twenty four people with non-life threatening injuries were transported to local hospitals. A CCTV footage has emerged online, allegedly showing the exact moment of the Manhattan explosion which injured at least 29 people. .At least two buildings were evacuated in the vicinity of the incident, but no fires have been reported, the NY Post segmentRead More

Aleister Crowley: His Story, His Elite Ties and His Legacy

The man who revelled in being called “Great Beast 666″ and dubbed by the press as the “Wickedest Man in History” was more than a theatrical occultist: Aleister Crowley is at the heart of one of the most influential movements of the 20th and 21st centuries. He also had ties with some of the world’s most powerful figures, even working with the British Intelligence Agency MI-5. This article describes theRead More

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