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Tuesday, October 4th, 2016


Satellites suffer mystery blackouts: Thunderstorms on the edge of space may be causing loss of GPS signals

They were sent into orbit to measure the Earth’s invisible magnetic field. But a cluster of scientific satellites have been suffering mysterious blackouts as they circle the planet. Scientists were left puzzled about why the three satellites launched by the European Space Agency have regularly lost their navigation signal when passing over the equator above the Atlantic Ocean. Now they believe they may have uncovered the underlying cause of theRead More

DEODORANT WARNING: Aluminum salts found in popular antiperspirant products cause tumor growth

It has long been surmised that the aluminum compounds used in many antiperspirant deodorant products may be a cause of cancer. But a new study out of Switzerland confirms this to be true, showing that aluminum chloride, a common additive in antiperspirant deodorant that blocks moisture, exerts an estrogen-like effect that directly promotes the growth and spread of breast cancer cells. This groundbreaking research from the University of Geneva looksRead More

Assange: WikiLeaks will publish all US election docs by Nov. 8

WikiLeaks will release documents on the US presidential elections before November 8, the group’s founder, Julian Assange, said in an eagerly anticipated address via videolink at the Volksbuhne Theater in Berlin to mark WikiLeaks’ 10th anniversary. WikiLeaks hopes to be publishing documents “every week for the next 10 weeks,”Assange said. #Assange: Regarding upcoming publications… We hope to be publishing every week for the next 10 weeks. #wikileaks10 — WikiLeaks (@wikileaks)Read More

Apple adopts Windows 10 tactic to auto-download Sierra to Macs

Starts pushing 4.8GB upgrade to eligible Macs today; users still have to authorize install Apple today began automatically downloading macOS Sierra to Macs that have yet to upgrade to the new operating system, taking a step that rival Microsoft was criticized for last year. What IT needs to know about iOS 10 iOS 10 offers a range of technologies that make the iPhone and iPad even better enterprise devices andRead More

The Kremlin Says It Might Renew Plutonium Deal with U.S., But It Has a List of Demands

Russia says that it may reinstate an agreement with the United States to dispose of weapons-grade plutonium if Washington agrees to a list of demands. The Kremlin’s conditions, presented in draft legislation to the parliament, include the reduction of U.S. troops and military infrastructure in NATO countries bordering the Russian Federation, and the cancellation of economic sanctions against Russia. Moscow also wants to be paid compensation for damages caused byRead More

40 million Russians to take part in emergency evacuationdrill

A stunning 40 million Russians from all levels of government will take place in a civil defense “emergency evacuation” drill starting tomorrow. Federal agencies, heads of regions, local authorities and other organizations will take part in the massive exercise, which runs from October 4-7. The simulation will include 200,000 “professional rescue units” and 50,000 pieces of equipment,”reports Interfax. “Abnormal emergency rescue teams” will wargame “evacuation” procedures during a national crisis,Read More

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