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Wednesday, January 4th, 2017


WikiLeaks To Sue CNN For Defamation

Moments ago, Wikileaks tweeted that as a result of a segment airing on CNN, the whiste-blowing organization announced it has “issued instructions to sue CNN for defamation.”   We have issued instructions to sue CNN for defamation: Unless within 48h they air a one hour expose of the plot. — WikiLeaks Task Force (@WLTaskForce) January 4, 2017 Wikileaks was referring to a segment in which CNN had the ex-Deputy-Director ofRead More

We Do Not Live in “Post Truth” World, We Live in a World of Lies and We Always Have

We do not live in a “post-truth” world, neither in the Middle East nor in the West – nor in Russia, for that matter. We live in a world of lies. And we always have lived in a world of lies. Just take a look at the wreckage of the Middle East with its history of people’s popular republics and its hateful dictators. They feast on dishonesty, although they allRead More

WikiLeaks offers $20k reward to prevent Obama govt ‘destroying US history

WikiLeaks is offering a $20,000 reward for information relating to any destruction of records by a member of the Obama administration. However, it has not made any specific allegations that the administration inappropriately eradicating material.   We are issuing a US$20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest or exposure of any Obama admin agent destroying significant records. — WikiLeaks (@wikileaks) January 4, 2017 Accompanying the tweet was aRead More

Westworld: A Gnostic Tale of Illuminati Luciferianism & the Transhuman New World Order

Westworld: A Gnostic Tale of Illuminati Luciferianism & the Transhuman New World Order The show in question is HBO’s Westworld and today we’re going to explore its sinister agenda of the Illuminati… **If you haven’t seen the show, I’d highly recommend watching the entire first season before reading this article. The show is actually quite well done and this article is full of plot spoilers, along with a few assumptions of theRead More

With Rule 41 the FBI Is Now Officially the Enemy of All Computer Users

With Rule 41 the FBI Is Now Officially the Enemy of All Computer Users Rick Falkvinge, founder of the original pirate party and head of privacy at, joins us to discuss his recent article, “Today, the FBI becomes the enemy of every computer user and every IT security professional worldwide.” We dissect the new “Rule 41” that gives American law enforcement unprecedented leeway to break into any computer inRead More

CNN uses screenshot from ‘Fallout 4’ to show how Russians hack things

The thing about computer hacking is that it’s such a general, far-reaching term that it’s almost impossible to explain to someone who isn’t already familiar with it. So, news networks who need b-roll footage to show while they’re talking about hacking usually just show keyboards or random strings of letters and numbers, while the audience stares blindly at the screen, assuming that whatever they’re looking at is somehow related toRead More

EXPOSED: How EU has dished out £4.2 BILLION to world’s most corrupt regimes in A FORTNIGHT

BRUSSELS fatcats splurged an astonishing £4.2billion of taxpayers’ money on propping up of some of the most corrupt regimes on earth in just one fortnight, can reveal today. Eurocrats splashed out the jaw-dropping sum of money on programmes including combatting racism against migrants, bankrolling Government reforms and, perhaps most incredibly of all, directly financing national budgets. They authorised 15 bank-busting payments to 29 countries in the space of justRead More

Can you trust you own memories or can we be persuaded to remember things that never happened?

ELIZABETH Loftus can make you see people that never existed, remember events that never happened and vividly recall life changing experiences that never occurred. She can persuade you of that time when you were a kid, terrified, lost in a shopping centre, or that unhappy memory of strawberry ice cream that put you off eating it ever again. This, despite the fact you have never been lost while out shoppingRead More

Russia Has a Super Torpedo That Kills Submarines at 200 Miles Per Hour (And America Can’t Match It)

Imagine the sudden revelation of a weapon that can suddenly go six times faster than its predecessors. The shock of such a breakthrough system would turn an entire field of warfare on its head, as potential adversaries scrambled to deploy countermeasures to a new weapon they are defenseless against. While a lull in great power competition delayed the impact of this new technology, the so-called “supercavitating torpedo” may be aboutRead More

Merkel Shuns Davos Summit in Bid to Distance Herself From Elite and Powerfu

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will not attend this year’s World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland in an attempt to distance herself from its image as the talking shop of the elite and powerful, on the eve of Donald Trump’s inauguration as US President. Merkel’s decision not to attend the summit — themed ‘Responsive and Responsible Leadership’ — is being seen as an attempt to put space between herself and the annual gathering of world politicians andRead More

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