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February, 2017



PewDiePie: BAN ALL THE THINGS! The regressive left has declared war on fun.

Requiem for the Suicided: The DC Madam

Requiem for the Suicided: The DC Madam   When the DC Madam closed up shop and put her house up for sale, some Washington power players got spooked. They brought charges against her so she gave her phone logs to the media for safekeeping. That was her first mistake…        

Planet X 2017 Proof Nibiru is Now in the Inner Solar System

Planet X 2017 Proof Nibiru is Now in the Inner Solar System Nibiru 2017 Insiders from NASA speculate 2/3 of the population of the planet will perish during the coming pole-shift caused by the passage of Planet X. Another 2/3 of those that survive initially will pass away due to starvation and exposure to the elements within 6 months. Every secretive gov’t agency in the USA is fully aware ofRead More

Chemtrails 2017 CIA on Chemtrails they Cause Climate Change

Chemtrails 2017 CIA on Chemtrails they Cause Climate Change Chemtrails 2008 to 2017 CIA admits to Chemtrails. Chemtrails are dumbing down people on a global scale as they are also causing causing climate change.    

Unblocking the Third Eye What the Illuminati Doesn’t Want You to Know

Ever heard of the music band “Third Eye Blind?”… I think they are telling us more than we originally thought There is a power within you that can change the way you see the world. It is your sixth sense; your third eye. The third eye is not really a part of the physical body. It is part of the second body which is etheric body  ( the subtle body or theRead More

17,000 Traffickers ‘using Facebook to smuggle 90% of migrants to EU’

THOUSANDS of social media accounts are being used to offer “package deals” to desperate migrants looking to enter the EU, a top migration watchdog has revealed. Europol revealed up to 17,400 new migrant smugglers use Facebook to advertise “attractive and unrealistic offers” including fake passports, work permits, sham marriages and sea crossings. A report from the crime-fighting agency’s European Migrant Smuggling Centre (EMSC) also uncovered that a shocking nine outRead More

The “Viral” KENZO World Ad Actually Celebrates Illuminati Mind Control

Directed by industry veteran Spike Jonze, the new KENZO World ad is loaded with Illuminati mind control symbolism and ends with a weird tribute to the All Seeing Eye. Are they selling a perfume … or celebrating the occult elite’s system? Ranking up millions of views in a couple of weeks, the Spike Jonze-directed KENZO ad quickly reached “viral” status and received widespread praise in mass media. Lauded for its “super cool” choreography, theRead More

New ‘silver bullet’ pill powered by your own stomach acid sends data straight to your phone while it works

A ‘silver bullet’ pill powered by your own stomach acid will send health data from inside your body to your phone. It is believed the tiny pill could revolutionise medicine by constantly monitoring your health and administering medicine. Researcher Dr Phillip Nadeau, from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said: ‘The self-powered pill would monitor your vital signs from inside for weeks. ‘It sits there making measurements and transmitting them to yourRead More

In The Shadow Of Lizards – The Secrets Of Power – David Icke

In The Shadow Of Lizards – The Secrets Of Power – David Icke      

Apple investigating ‘exploding’ iPhone 7 Plus after video of smoking handset goes viral

Apple is investigating a report of an iPhone 7 Plus catching fire, after a video of the incident went viral online. The footage, posted on Twitter by 18-year-old Brianna Olivas from Tucson, Arizona, shows smoke pouring out of one side of the iPhone and the case melting away.   So my IPhone 7 plus blew up this morning was not even using it, literally no explanation for this —Read More

Namaste, Satan: Metal yoga class set inside Satanic Temple in Salem, Mass.

Metal music and yoga do not seem like two things that go together all that often. But they’re getting paired up under one roof: The Satanic Temple in Salem, Massachusetts. The classic is scheduled for Sunday, March 5, at 9:30 a.m. Black Widow Yoga has pulled together the class. On its Facebook page, Black Widow Yoga describes itself as an independent yoga concept that uses metal music instead of “traditionalRead More

Pope Francis Is Warned Against Betraying China’s Underground Church

Cardinal Joseph Zen, the retired Bishop of Hong Kong, has warned the Vatican against forging an agreement with the Chinese government that would grant it significant power over the Catholic Church in the country. Cardinal Zen has stated that he would consider any such deal a betrayal by the Holy See of the underground Catholic faithful in China.   POPE WARNED AGAINST CHINA ‘SELL OUT’ — DRUDGE REPORT (@DRUDGE_REPORT)Read More

Witches including Lana Del Rey will gather at midnight to cast a spell on President Trump AND his supporters in hopes of banishing him from office

Witches will be out protesting President Donald Trump on Friday night the best way they know how – magic! Men and women from around the world are planning to gather and cast a spell at midnight that will stop President Trump from doing harm while also possibly banishing him from office. Mass rituals have also been planned in multiple covens, during which men and women will perform a spell toRead More

9/11: The Peace We Lost (RT Documentary)

9/11: The Peace We Lost It’s been 15 years since the 2001 terror attacks on New York’s twin towers changed America forever. Thousands lost their lives or loved ones in the calamity and many others subsequently lost their health. However, everyone in the US lost something else on that tragic day: peace of mind. RT Doc asks how 9/11 transformed modern America’s world view. .

Colorado River drought woes could affect 41 million Americans

Residents of the Southwest US will almost certainly face drought because of water loss in the Colorado River caused by global warming, according to scientists. By mid-century the water levels will drop by 5 million acre-feet, a new study says. Researchers from Colorado State University and University of Arizona are predicting the Colorado River will suffer up to a 55 percent reduction in volume by the end of this century,Read More

Sleepwalking Into a Nuclear Arms Race with Russia

The Nuclear Question is becoming increasingly obfuscated by spin and lobbying as the West sleepwalks into Cold War II — a walk made all the more dangerous when the loose lips of the U.S. tweeter-in-chief announced that another nuclear arms race is a great idea (see link and link).  Two Cold War II issues are central and almost never addressed: What will be the Russians’ understanding of all the propagandaRead More

“Mystery Poison” Used To Murder Kim Jong Nam Revealed As VX Nerve Agent

When yesterday we shared the most recent update in the bizarre assassination of Kim Jong Nam, the half brother of North Korea’s ruler, who was murdered in broad daylight inside Kuala Lumpur’s budget airline terminal, we reported that while the two women suspected in the fatal poisoning attack had coated their hands with “mystery” toxic chemicals which they then wiped on Nam’s face, a key question remained unanswered, namely whatRead More

German secret service spied on journalists at the BBC, The New York Times and Reuters for more than a DECADE

Germany’s foreign intelligence service BND long spied on journalists of the BBC, The New York Times, Reuters and other media, news weekly Der Spiegel reported Friday. Media rights group Reporters Without Borders labelled the alleged surveillance ‘a monstrous attack on press freedom’, voiced fears the eavesdropping was ongoing and said it was planning legal action, according to Der Spiegel. The magazine, which has extensively worked with US fugitive intelligence contractorRead More

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