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Thursday, June 22nd, 2017


FEMA Is Preparing For A Solar Storm That Would Take Out The Grid

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Administration) is planning for a massive solar storm that would be so strong, it would take down the power grid. Noting that the rare, yet “high-consequence” scenario has “the potential for catastrophic impact on our nation and FEMA’s ability to respond.” According to unpublished FEMA documents obtained by Government Attic, a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) database and non-profit organization, the Department of Homeland Security agency once mapped out a disaster plan for the occurrence ofRead More

THE worst interview by a politician EVER

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson’s competency has yet again been called into question following a botched BBC interview in which the Tory minister failed to answer key questions on the government’s program set out in the Queen’s Speech. During the interview on BBC Radio 4 with Eddie Mair, Johnson repeatedly stumbled over questions about the Tories’ policies announced in the state opening of Parliament on Wednesday.   THE worst interview byRead More

How mind conditioning has created a great silence and passivity in the American society

Here’s a message from your government: Congratulations to you the people of America for your acquiescence, passiveness, and continued silence; your subservient behavior has been exemplary, it shows that your absolute, unconditional loyalty to your government is still in full force. That’s not just a contrived cynical observation on my part. What that message really means is that mind conditioning, aka, mind control, an agenda that has been pursued by thisRead More

Fox News host Sean Hannity pushes another conspiracy theory: Trump is facing a secret ‘soft coup’

A number of conservative media outlets have stated the belief that President Donald Trump’s administration is being subverted by the media and/or the intelligence community, reasoning each is bitter about Trump’s victory in November. Fox News anchor and host Sean Hannity went a step further on Tuesday night, suggesting a “soft coup” is taking place in the country. He claims it is being led by the mainstream media and theRead More

Afghan Opium Production 40 Times Higher Since US-NATO Invasion

Since the U.S.-led NATO invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, the production of opium in the country has increased by 40 times according to Russia’s Federal Drug Control Service, or FSKN, fueling organized crime and widespread death. The head of the FSKN, Viktor Ivanov, explained the staggering trend at a March U.N. conference on drugs in Afghanistan. Opium growth in Afghanistan increased 18 percent from 131, 000 hectares to 154, 000,Read More

Vaccines can be blamed for diseases without any proof, EU top court rules

As the ‘anti-vax’ movement continues to gain traction across the globe, the EU’s top court has ruled that vaccines can be bla The European Court of Justice ruled on Wednesday that a vaccine can be considered defective – and thus the cause of a disease – if there is “specific and consistent evidence” related to when the vaccine was administered, the patient’s previous state of health, the lack of family history ofRead More

Weather Channel founder tells CNN “climate change is a hoax” … 31,000 scientists agree

Al Gore’s 2006 documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, and extensive reporting by the mainstream media have led many to accept catastrophic man-made global warming as a scientific fact. But, while this theory is increasingly being taught in schools and other institutions, it is important to note that there are thousands of reputable scientists who absolutely do not agree that global warming is settled science. One of these is John Coleman, founderRead More

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