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Saturday, July 22nd, 2017


Final New Moon Sunday Starts the Countdown to the Great American Eclipse

It seems that everyone is eagerly awaiting the shady drama that will be enacted in the skies over North America on Aug. 21. It is a play whose script was written eons ago: On that third Monday in August, the celestial wanderings of the sun, Earth and moon will cause our natural satellite to pass directly in front of the sun, resulting in a total eclipse on Aug. 21. The narrowRead More

“Smart” Toothbrushes Are Equipped With Interactive Wireless Displays—Radio Transmitters

Do you brush your teeth with a ‘smart’ toothbrush? Did you know there are ‘smart’ toothbrushes? According to the package information that comes with the Oral-B Triaction/Precision 5000/5500, it contains an “interactive wireless display,” i.e., a radio transmitter that puts out electromagnetic frequencies.  Holy moly—one more smart device to track us, even while brushing our teeth! I wonder what it reports back and to whom?  Or, does it tie intoRead More

Can Young Blood Really Rejuvenate the Old?

Research in mice seems to suggest it can THE vampire jokes write themselves. In the past few years a steady trickle of scientific papers has suggested something straight out of an airport horror novel: that the blood of young animals, infused into the old, has rejuvenating effects. Scientists are excited enough that at least two clinical trials are currently running in humans. But is it true? And if it is,Read More

Stop Codex

What is Codex? The Codex Alimentarius Commission (Codex) is the main global body that makes proposals to, and is consulted by, the Directors-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) on all matters pertaining to the implementation of the Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme. Established in 1963, the Commission’s main purposes are stated in itsProcedural Manual as being: protecting the health of consumers; ensuring fair practices inRead More

“They May Have Information We Don’t” – Are The Elite Preparing For A Cataclysmic Event?

the world appears to be getting closer to the brink of widespread economic collapse and war, it seems we may all have something even more serious to consider: cataclysmic events. Based on a flurry of reports, we know the Yellowstone Super Caldera has been quite active in recent weeks, with many warning that a super volcanic eruption could happen at any moment, threatening to potentially kill millions. Such an eventRead More

FULL Unedited Interview of Putin Smashing Megyn Kelly

FULL Unedited Interview of Putin Smashing Megyn Kelly    

Hackers access millions of Social Security numbers, 10 states affected

A security breach in the Kansas Department of Commerce has exposed millions of Social Security numbers from people across 10 states to hackers. Many other accounts were also attacked. Identifying information of millions of people in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois, Maine, Oklahoma and Vermont are in the hands of hackers, according to an open records request by a collaboration of sources through the Kansas News Company. The open records requestRead More

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