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Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017


‘I’m tired of eating human flesh’: South African cops probe ‘cannibalism’ conspiracy

Police in South Africa are investigating a possible ‘cannibalism’ syndicate after a man turned himself in at his local police station, reportedly telling officers, “I’m tired of eating human flesh.” He produced part of a human leg and a hand as evidence of his guilt and then led police to a house in KwaZulu-Natal where more body parts were found. Forensic experts have been called to identify the remains andRead More

Police Find Rocket Launcher and Other Weapons in French No-Go Zone Subur

French police discovered a cache of weapons over the weekend, including a bazooka, in the no-go Paris suburb of Seine-Saint-Denis only a day after young men had robbed officers of their weapons in the same suburb. The police say they found an American-made anti-tank bazooka along with several other weapons, a large quantity drugs, and police equipment in a bike shed in the troubled suburb. The raid is likely connectedRead More

You Are Being Gamed

In this classic Corbett Report podcast from 2010, James opens up the virtual Skinner box and peers into the future of gaming in the world of ubiquitous computing. When our daily life consists of interactions with computers, will there be any way to avoid amusing ourselves to de   .

Planet X Nibiru 21th August 2017 Very Graphic updates, more excellent images

Planet X Nibiru 21th August 2017 Very Graphic updates, more excellent images Planet will first appear this September.2017 And it will crash into Earth the following month. We haven’t spotted Planet X or Nibiru yet as they are approaching from a different angle, above the South Pole. This makes observations difficult – unless you’re flying at a high altitude over South America with an excellent camera.”Overwhelming evidence suggests the alienRead More

The Ukrainian deal between Moscow and Washington: what Surkov and Volcker talked about

Despite the fact that the meeting between the special representatives of the Russian and US presidents, Vladislav Surkov and Kurt Volker, was held in a closed mode for the press, it is possible to assume with a high degree of certainty what the agreed representatives of Moscow and Washington agreed on-or rather, what was not agreed upon. I think that the main positive result – they had to form aRead More

Mainstream media finally starting to ask why TURMERIC isn’t being promoted as a safe, affordable treatment for CANCER

A common kitchen staple has saved the life of a 57-old woman who had been battling blood cancer for five years. After undergoing three rounds of chemotherapy and four stem cell transplants to treat myeloma, Dieneke Ferguson thought she had exhausted all her options. Myeloma develops when the white blood cells produced in the bone marrow start to multiply uncontrollably. When this happens, the body stops producing the normal antibodiesRead More

Catholic Archbishop: ‘I’d Rather Go to Prison Than Report Child Abuse to Police’

One of the highest-ranking officials in the Catholic Church has stated that he would “rather go to prison” than report pedophilia to police. Australia’s most powerful clergy, Archbishop of Melbourne Denis Hart, says he’s prepared to be jailed for failing to report child sex abuse by pedophile priests. He made the shocking statement in response to the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse saying there should beRead More

TASS : Russian-US meeting on Ukraine to be held behind closed doors

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson earlier said Volker’s meeting with Russian Presidential Aide Vladislav Surkov would be held soon MINSK, August 21. /TASS/. US Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations Kurt Volker and Russia’s envoy will hold a meeting in Minsk on Monday, Belarusian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Dmitry Mironchik confirmed in an interview with TASS. “The event will take place today, it will be held behind closed doors,” he noted.Read More

WOW! HUNGARY and ISRAEL Just Labeled Hungarian Born-Jew George Soros An ENEMY OF THE STATE…Will The U.S. Follow?

Hillary would never have labeled one of her largest donors, longtime friend, and the financier of violent anti-American protesters around the world an “enemy of the state.” But fortunately for America, Hillary’s not our president. Fortunately for America, both the Senate and the House are controlled by Republicans who understand we have a lot to lose if they continue to sit back and let this radical billionaire throw hundreds of millionsRead More

‘Killer robot’ ban at UN demanded by Elon Musk & 115 other tech leaders

Leaders in the fields of artificial intelligence and robotics have signed an open letter calling on the United Nations to ban the use of lethal autonomous weapons, or ‘killer robots,’ similar to the prohibition on land mines, firebombs and chemical weapons   AI could be one of the most destructive technological innovations for the human race – Musk — RT (@RT_com) July 16, 2017 “We need to makeRead More

Power Elites Launches Civil War Against Trump

What you are witnessing is a full court press to remove Donald Trump from the Presidency. The endless dribble from every corner of the gate keeping controlled media, the careerist bipartisan hacks, the diseased swamp ridden bureaucrat rats and the cowards who wave the flag of the establishment globalist order, all have banned together to take out the America First agenda. Trump was elected by populist discontent, but is nowRead More

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