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October, 2017


Creepy! First TV Commercial Shown after JFK Assassination

Creepy! First TV Commercial Shown after JFK Assassination The media brainwashed the public into believing JFK Lies. Without the power of the TV and aid of mass psychology to frame events, the establishment never could have passed off such a stinker with the Warren Commission and 50 year cover-up of conspiracy. Hint: Though you have been conditioned to disregard the term “conspiracy,” it is factually the act of two orRead More

Netflix Pulls Plug On “House Of Cards” Next Season After Kevin Spacey Sex Scandal

Just as Frank Underwood’s Washington tenure is coming to an end, so does the career of the man who plays him, Kevin Spacey. In the aftermath of today’s allegations of unwanted sexual advances in 1986 by Kevin Spacey against a then-teenage Anthony Rapp, Netflix has decided to pull the plug on House of Cards after the upcoming sixth season next year, Deadline reported. Citing sources, Deadline says that the decisionRead More

Video Shows Radioactive Waste Being Dumped Along The Banks Of The Columbia River In Washington State

Video Shows Radioactive Waste Being Dumped Along The Banks Of The Columbia River In Washington State .

The deep state is putting everything they’ve got into bringing down Trump.

FBI CANARY GEORGE PAPADOPOULOS IS MUELLER’S ONLY HOPE TO BRING DOWN AMERICA The deep state is making moves to take down Trump FBI Canary George Papadoulos Is Mueller's Only Hope To Bring Down America Opslået af Alex Jones på 30. oktober 2017 .

Convenient: Mueller Nails Manafort Right After Hillary – Uranium One Scandal Explodes

Shortly after several reports have linked both former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State/failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to the Uranium One scandal, Democrats are trying to shift everyone’s attention. As reported by the Daily Mail, Trump’s former campaign manager from the 2016 presidential election, Paul Manafort, and his partner, Rick Gates, surrendered on Monday morning following an indictment from special counsel Robert Mueller in the Russia probe.Read More

Honeypot: Was The Trump Camp’s Meeting With Russian Lawyer All A Clinton Set-Up?

This week’s bombshell — that the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign financed former British spy Christopher Steele’s salacious dossier allegedly connecting Donald Trump and Russia — may suggest something even more devious. The dossier was compiled by the notorious firm Fusion GPS, which also worked for Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, the very woman who met with Donald Trump Jr. in a meeting deemed pivotal to the case for Trump-RussiaRead More

The UN Takeover of America Has Already Been Rehearsed Under the Obama Administration

While some of you were busy watching CNN, this is what happened under your noses during the two years of Jade Helm drills (ie JH 15 and JH 16). The declaration of the United States government, as published on Fox News on October 29, 2017, is merely the legitimization of what has already happened. I published my warning over and over on this domain. First, my warnings were published inRead More

Mueller’s Arrests Have Nothing To Do With Russia And Are Doomed To Fail

 Mueller’s Arrests Have Nothing To Do With Russia And Are Doomed To  Fail Roger Stone joins Alex Jones live via Skype to break down why acting director of the FBI, Robert Mueller, has been focusing so much on Trump ties to Russia: to cover for the Clinton Crime Family.   READ ALSO : Manafort Indicted As Cover For Democrat Russia Crimes   .

Alex Jones Calls For Global War Against AI Systems! Death To Robots!

Alex Jones Calls For Global War Against AI Systems! Death To Robots! Alex Jones presents an artificial intelligence speaking to an audience in Saudi Arabia and declares an all-out war against the global technocracy’s attempt to replace humans with robots.       .

Ukraine – The Crooks, the Clowns and the Nazis

Have you heard what the latest big news out of the Ukraine is? No? There is a mini-Maidan under way and Ukrainian nationalists seem to hope that Poroshenko will be kicked out before the end of the week. You did not know? Well, that is the real big news, the fact that you did not hear about this. Truthfully, what is going on is kind of interesting. Let me sum it up:Read More

Las Vegas Shooting Witness, Who Described Multiple Gunmen, Found Dead

Danny Contreras, an eyewitness Las Vegas shooting survivor who publicly claimed there were multiple shooters involved in the attack, has been found dead in an empty house in Las Vegas with multiple gunshot wounds. His body was found in a vacant home in the northeastern valley after a neighbor heard a man groaning inside the building and called 911. Police say Contreras was dead when they arrived at the 5800Read More

There’s a Man Serving Life in Prison for $5 Worth of Marijuana in the Same Country Where Millions Can Smoke It Legally

Deedee Kirkwood is a hippie housewife in Camarillo, a scenic beach town in California outside of Los Angeles. When she was younger, she followed the Grateful Dead on tour and says she smoked copious amounts of pot “before and after.” But her youthful indiscretions had no legal consequences. “I did a lot of stupid stuff, but as a white lady I got lucky,” she tells me over the phone. KirkwoodRead More

The American War Machine Is Already on the Death March Across the African Continent

On October 4th, US military personnel were on their way back to their forward operating base in Niger. They had been on a reconnaissance mission to the village of Tongo Tongo, near Niger’s border with Mali. US Joint Chiefs Chairman General Joseph Dunford says that fifty ISIS fighters ambushed them. The soldiers did not call for air support for the first hour, said General Dunford, thinking perhaps that they couldRead More

Manafort Indicted As Cover For Democrat Russia Crimes

Alex Jones breaks down how Mueller’s probe into Trump and associates, as well as an incoming indictment against Manafort, is really just smoke and mirrors meant to cover up the fact Hillary Clinton and the DNC were colluding with Russia, not Trump. Breaking:Manfort indicted as cover for Democrat Russia crimes. Opslået af Alex Jones på 28. oktober 2017   .   .

Bullsh*t ‘Russian Collusion’ Narrative Collapses

Bullsh*t ‘Russian Collusion’ Narrative Collapses The only ones who colluded with Russia were the DNC, the Obama administration & Hillary. Paul Joseph Watson   .

America First? What is Behind Washington’s ‘Economic War’ Against Europe

Former French President Francois Hollande has berated Donald Trump for pursuing protectionist policies. Speaking to Sputnik, French analysts said that the US often used “hidden protectionism” even before Trump was elected and that EU countries are just starting to determine strategies for resisting competition from American multinationals. Marc German, a specialist in competitive intelligence and enterprise diplomacy, told Sputnik France that Trump “loudly declares the protectionism of the American economy. “But his battle cry,Read More

Music Industry Insider Speaks Out! | Kaya Jones and Stefan Molyneux

In the aftermath of the Las Vegas Shooting, former Pussycat Doll and Platinum Recording Artist Kaya Jones had a revelation and spoke her mind about the abuses she experienced in the music industry. Kaya Jones joins Stefan Molyneux to discuss leaving the Pussycat Dolls, why she referred to the group as a “prostitution ring,” the role of fatherlessness in such predation and the opposition to those who speak out aboutRead More

Apps can secretly record you and The best deals on the iPhone X

Apps can secretly record you and The best deals on the iPhone X Apps can secretly record you, The best deals on the iPhone X and is Twitter finally going to turn a profit?       .       .

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