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Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018


‘You feel that the devil is helping you’: MS-13’s satanic history

In September, an undercover informant led police into the woods of a Maryland park along trails with pastoral names like Deer Hollow and Oak Ridge, to a patch of shovel-turned earth. Inside the shallow grave, a shredded, blood-stained sweatshirt hinted at a horrific crime. “The victim had been stabbed over one-hundred times, decapitated, dismembered, and his heart had been excised from his chest and thrown into the grave,” Montgomery County,Read More

Planet X News – PHOTOS OF PLANET X surface – with Dr. Claudia Albers

Planet X News –  PHOTOS OF PLANET X surface – with Dr. Claudia Albers       .

A “Bomb Cyclone” Is Set To Detonate Off The East Coast

“This storm developing off the Southeast coast will meet the meteorological criteria of a “bomb” as it rapidly intensifies. The signal for a storm has been evident since last week, but as the track has been fine-tuned, impacts to the I-95 corridor are now expected. Snow, strong winds, and very cold temperatures are expected particularly the further east one heads,” said Ed Vallee, meteorologist at Vallee Weather Consulting LLC. WinterRead More

Hundreds of Android apps found covertly using your phone’s microphone to track your TV habits

Some smartphone games have been found using a specific software that uses your device’s microphone to track users’ TV watching habits and collect data for advertisers. According to a recent New York Times report, more than 250 games on the Google Play Store use software from a company called Alphonso that uses the smartphone’s mic to listen for audio signals in TV ads and shows. The data collected is thenRead More

Another highly classified/top secret mission – Something being monitored above the Earth!

Another highly classified/top secret mission – Something being monitored above the Earth! January 2, 2018: A highly classified mission is scheduled for Friday January 5, 2018. So secret that even the parties involved do not know who its for!   .

Spotify Hit With $1.6 Billion Lawsuit

Spotify has been hit with a $1.6 billion lawsuit from Wixen Music Publishing, which handles titles by Tom Petty, Neil Young, Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen, Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo, Stevie Nicks, and others. The suit, which alleges that Spotify is using thousands of songs without a proper license, was filed on Dec. 29 in California federal court. It is seeking damages worth at least $1.6 billion and injunctive relief. Spotify hasRead More

Microsoft demands your mobile number when setting up Windows 10 Build 17063

Windows 10 Build 17063 asks, nay, demands that you give your mobile phone number to Microsoft during the set up process. If you refuse to give the number to the gang in Redmond, you will not be allowed to finish installing the new build on your PC. The screen that demands your number says “Link your Phone and PC. Windows loves all your devices-get essential apps that help you workRead More

Luciferianism & The Hidden Illuminati Message of Assassin’s Creed (2016)

I thought when I was going to see Assassin’s Creed it was a film about the attempt on 90s phenom frontman Scott Stapp’s life.  I was in for something quite different, as this video game-turned film blended everything from transhumanism to Templarism.   It seems Hollywood and the video game industry are now obsessed with conspiracy culture, and as we will see, this not an organic, happenstance development.  In The Kingsman,Read More

SpaceX to launch top secret Zuma satellite for US govt

SpaceX is getting ready to launch a top secret government satellite this week, but details of the mission are shrouded in mystery, as no particular government agency has yet been named as being in control of the Zuma project. SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket is scheduled to launch the Zuma satellite between 8pm and 10pm EDT Friday, January 5 from Pad 39A at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) KennedyRead More

Growing vegetables in your own yard now confirmed as a criminal offense

It’s a sad day in Florida: Property rights for homeowners have taken a huge blow as courts confirm that growing edible plants in your own front yard is, in fact, a crime. Out of all the terrible things a person can do these days, gardening is the last thing you may have suspected would become a punishable offense. To no one’s surprise, Big Government continues to use strong-arm tactics againstRead More

Anonymous – This will Change Everything You Know…

Anonymous – This will Change Everything You Know… Anonymous message alert events world news current events end times prophecy social media facebook truth 2017 2018 2019 today..         .     .

Iran Accuses Foreign Enemies of Sponsoring Violent Protests—Just Like The CIA Did in 1953

Nearly 65 years after the United States Central Intelligence Agency had a crucial role in the overthrow of Iran’s government that sent the nation into chaos, Iran’s leaders are now accusing foreign enemies of fueling a string of anti-government protests. In the last week, 21 people have died and hundreds of protesters have been arrested. As many of the protesters have openly expressed their criticism of the government, Iranian SupremeRead More

Man who sleeps with his sex doll four times a week says his wife doesn’t mind

Man who sleeps with his sex doll four times a week says his wife doesn’t mind Everyone knows marriage is about compromise – but this might be taking it a little too far.  58-year-old engineer James has been happily married for 36 years, but he is free to sleep with someone – well something – else. April is a 5-foot tall and a latex sex doll, one of the three that JamesRead More