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Friday, January 5th, 2018


Prediction : Great Quake of 2018 – July 19 – August 28

  Prediction : Great Quake of 2018 – July 19 – August 28 January 3, 2018: Early “heads-up” video. Looking ahead into this year my model is suggesting a strong probability of a very large earthquake, possibly a record setter. Conditions will become very favorable as time moves forward. Please bookmark the earthquake plan link I have provided for you and read over it with your family. (link hereRead More

What Ancient Human Civilizations Said About The Moon

What Ancient Human Civilizations Said About The Moon Ancient Human Civilizations across multiple continents around the world speak of the time BEFORE the Moon arrived – and with it so did our ocean tides, seasons and conditions prime for an abundance of life. However, there is an abundance of evidence that significant information regarding our Moon and the Apollo landings have been withheld from the masses. In fact, the MoonRead More

Drudge Signals Upcoming Bannon, Breitbart Split

Media mogul foreshadows alternative media shake-up Drudge tweeted a photo of the late Andrew Breitbart Thursday morning, “The terrific Larry Solov and Susie Breitbart will take Breitbart into the fresh future. Has it really been 10 yrs since Andrew told me on Santa Monica pier he was going to do it?! His first hire Alex Marlow [he was 21] became one of the best news editors in the world!” LarryRead More

Clinton’s Bedroom Literally Catches Fire Under Bizarre Circumstances

Clinton’s Bedroom Literally Catches Fire Under Bizarre Circumstances On Wednesday, January 3, 2018, a fire broke out in the Clinton’s Chappaqua, NY home. Owen Shroyer and Roger Stone speculate about this breaking story…..     .

Pope Francis : Satan is ‘more intelligent than us,

Pope Francis has warned that Satan is an evil force who is “more intelligent” than mortals and will “make your head spin.” He urged Christians not to let the Devil into their heads. “He is evil, he’s not like fog. He’s not a diffuse thing, he is a person. One must not talk to Satan, if you start talking to Satan you are lost, he is more intelligent than us,” PopeRead More

Bloomberg : Google moved 16bn euros to Bermuda to avoid tax

Google moved 15.9 billion euros ($19.2 billion) to a Bermuda shell company in 2016, saving it billions of dollars in taxes that year, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday, quoting regulatory filings in the Netherlands. Google uses two structures, known as a “Double Irish” and a “Dutch Sandwich”, to shield the majority of its international profits from taxation, Bloomberg reported. “The setup involves shifting revenue from one Irish subsidiary to a DutchRead More

Putin Foresaw Death of US Global Power

Like a good wine, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s famous speech delivered in Munich 10 years ago regarding global security has been rewarded with time. A decade on, the many facets contained in that address have only become all the more enhanced and tangible. Speaking to a senior international audience at the annual Munich Security Conference, on February 10, 2007, the Russian leader opened by saying he was going to speak aboutRead More

Mount St. Helens hit by more than 70 earthquakes since New Years Day

Mount St. Helens is rumbling again, experiencing more than 70 earthquakes since New Years Day and aftershocks continuing every few hours. The seismic swarm largest quake – a M3.9 tremor – struck 5 miles from the active stratovolcano located in Skamania County, Washington, in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. The USGS reports that the M3.9 earthquake to the northeast of Mount St. Helens is aligned with regionalRead More

First Time Ever: NASA Scientists Identify Microbes in Space

NASA has been working to identify microbes on the space station for some time now, as it could help diagnose astronaut illnesses right there and allow identification of extraterrestrial life, if it ever comes around. Astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) have managed to identify microbes found in space without having to send samples back to Earth. Microbes have survived in the vacuum of space, previously having to be sent back to Earth for testing. There was no wayRead More