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Wednesday, January 10th, 2018


#MeToo frenzy deprives men of ‘indispensable freedom’ to hit on women – Catherine Deneuve

A hundred prominent French women, including actress Catherine Deneuve, have denounced the #MeToo campaign, saying it patronizes women and summarily punishes men for minor misdeeds, which only plays into the hands of “puritans.” In an open letter published in the newspaper Le Monde, the women acknowledged that while the campaign helped expose many cases of “sexual violence that women are subject to, particularly in their professional lives,” it had nowRead More

Democrats now want OPRAH to run against Trump in 2020 … and you’re not allowed to criticize her, EVER

The Alt-Left Democratic Party, whose Marxist/socialist pursuits remain out of touch with the vast majority of Americans, has settled on its next challenger to President Donald J. Trump, well in advance of the 2020 elections. How does “President Oprah Winfrey” sound to you? No, I’m not even kidding, though given the state of the world and its dangerous uncertainty moving forward, I wish I was. The ‘movement’ got some seriousRead More

Microsoft Says No More Windows Security Updates Unless AVs Set a Registry Key

Microsoft has added a new and very important detail on the support  page describing incompatibilities between antivirus (AV) products and the recent Windows Meltdown and Spectre patches. According to an update added this week, Microsoft says that Windows users will not receive the January 2018 Patch Tuesday security updates, or any subsequent Patch Tuesday security updates, unless the antivirus program they are using becomes compatible with the Windows Meltdown andRead More

Thousands of Americans’ Electronics Illegally Searched at Border

Over 30,000 people had their electronic devices searched without probable cause or a warrant by Customs and Border Protection in 2017. This is a 50% increase from 2016. Most of the searches took place at airports when travelers were leaving the country. And 80% of those searched were not American citizens. I happen to think anyone on American soil deserves every protection under the Bill of Rights. But maybe you think foreignersRead More

Trump’s Fake News Awards

President Trump announced that he will be holding the “Most Dishonest and Corrupt Media Awards” aka ‘Fake News’ awards on January 17, 2017. This is sure to create a huge stir on social media. Infowars reporter Millie Weaver takes to the streets of Austin, Texas to find out who people think should win.   We should have a contest as to which of the Networks, plus CNN and not includingRead More

Merkel has 5 days to form coalition, what will happen if she doesn’t?

Merkel has 5 days to form coalition, what will happen if she doesn’t? New coalition talks have kicked off in Germany – in what’s seen as Angela Merkel’s last chance to form a majority government and avoid yet another election. The Social Democrats and the ruling Christian Democratic Union will now have five days to enter into a so-called grand coalition. Both sides seem confident of success.   .

‘Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse’ Coming For The First Time In 150 Years

At the end of January, stargazers are set to witness a trio of lunar phenomena, all aligned to create an incredible view. The second full moon of the month will occur on January 31, marking the first of two ‘blue’ moons in 2018 – and, this will line up with a total lunar eclipse, which will turn the moon a striking red color for what’s known as the ‘Blood Moon.’Read More