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Saturday, February 3rd, 2018


Rothschild Empire Vs Orthodox Empire – Americanism -Jay Dyer

Rothschild Empire Vs Orthodox Empire – Americanism -Jay Dyer / Tim Kelly Full Video Tim invited me back on Our Interesting Times to discuss eastern and western theology, philosophy and sociology and how these paradigms differ. Yes, it’s 1453, i misspoke from being a bit haggard and spent in this installment, but the information is quality. We cover globalist books, democracy and anarchy, relativism, nihilism, freemasonry and Zionism, esoterism andRead More

Human memory could soon be tracked, boosted, or erased with the use of radical new technology

Scientific research on the human brain has yielded some very interesting results. According to the world’s foremost experts on the subject, they have made significant progress on the road to understanding human memories. Soon, they expect to be able to not only understand human memories fully but also to manipulate them at will. Today’s technology is slowly making it possible. And scientists are beginning to realize that, by combining aRead More

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