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Friday, February 9th, 2018


How “Spectre” is Really About James Bond Being a Tool of the Occult Elite

Spectre, the newest film in the James Bond franchise, is about a secret group taking control of world governments and imposing world-wide mass surveillance. Under the guise of a typical James Bond adventure, viewers get a solid dose of the occult elite’s predictive programming agenda. After appearing in more than 25 movies spanning half a century, the fictional secret agent James Bond is now the face of British intelligence and the suave personification of the MI6. Based onRead More

What If Your Naked Eye Could See WIFI Signals?

  I was reading earlier this morning about these parents suing their child’s boarding school in Massachusetts over their use of supposedly too strong wi-fi signals which they say are harming his health, causing nausea and nosebleeds. The parents claim that their 12-year-old son suffers from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome, a condition which is aggravated by electromagnetic radiation, even batteries. It’s what Michael McKean’s character in Better Call Saul believes is troubling him andRead More

The World Is on the Brink of War Once Again as All Hell Breaks Loose in Syria

The U.S.-led coalition conducted air and artillery strikes against pro-regime forces in Syria on Wednesday, killing over 100 pro-government fighters, CNN reports. According to the coalition’s statement, the strikes were carried out after forces allied with the Syrian government “initiated an unprovoked attack” against what CNN termed “a well-established Syrian Democratic Forces headquarters where coalition advisers were working with US-backed Syrian fighters.” CNN dubbed the U.S.-led strike “defensive” even though U.S. forces have no legal authorityRead More

Disturbing: Child Flesh Used For Enhancement Pills

Disturbing: Child Flesh Used For Enhancement Pills What justifies the sick use of fetal tissue in aphrodisiac pills?   .  

How Al-Qaeda Ended Up With Anti-Aircraft Missiles: Here Is The Congressional Authorization

After the terrorist group Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), a rebrand of Jabhat al-Nusra, which is the Syrian al-Qaeda affiliate, claimed responsibility for the dramatic downing of a Russian Su-25 fighter jet over Idlib in northwest Syria on Saturday – the first Russian plane downed in Syria since 2015 – a number of analysts have published articles asking the obvious million dollar question: where did al-Qaeda get the portable anti-aircraft missile systemRead More

Remember when geoengineering was labeled a “conspiracy theory?” …

Remember when geoengineering was labeled a “conspiracy theory?” … Now it’s routinely cited in science papers as a strategy for saving the climate When Natural News first started talking about geoengineering several years back, some people accused us of spreading baseless “conspiracy theories.” Fast-forward to 2018, however, and discussion of “chemtrails,” as many people call them, has become mainstream, as studies like this one not only openly admit that theRead More

China’s plan to use artificial intelligence to boost the thinking skills of nuclear submarine commanders

Equipping nuclear submarines with AI would give China an upper hand in undersea battles while pushing applications of the technology to a new level China is working to update the rugged old computer systems on nuclear submarines with artificial intelligence to enhance the potential thinking skills of commanding officers, a senior scientist involved with the programme told the South China Morning Post. A submarine with AI-augmented brainpower not only wouldRead More

Sharyl Attkisson Explains EXACTLY How The Obama Syndicate Spied On Trump…

Sharyl Attkisson Explains EXACTLY How The Obama Syndicate Spied On Trump… Sharyl this morning on Fox and Friends. She reveals several new details including the status of the missing text messages that OIG Michael Horowitz says he has recovered, but won’t turn over to Congress…   .  

Key iPhone Source Code Gets Posted Online in ‘Biggest Leak in History’

Source code for iBoot, one of the most critical iOS programs, was anonymously posted on GitHub. Someone just posted what experts say is the source code for a core component of the iPhone’s operating system on GitHub, which could pave the way for hackers and security researchers to find vulnerabilities in iOS and make iPhone jailbreaks easier to achieve. The GitHub code is labeled “iBoot,” which is the part ofRead More

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