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Tuesday, March 6th, 2018


Media finds Russia link in alleged poisoning despite no evidence

Media finds Russia link in alleged poisoning despite no evidence RT’s Polly Boiko reports as the media finds Russia link in alleged poisoning despite no evidence.   .

Oscar Ratings PLUNGE 20% to RECORD LOW

Oscar Ratings PLUNGE 20% to RECORD LOW Mark Steyn, filling in for Tucker Carlson, reacts to the 2018 Oscars   .

Rothschild Passing Dynasty on to 7th Generation, Marking 200 Years of Banker Family Rule

The Rothschild banking empire will ensure that its control continues to stay within the family for a seventh generation as David de Rothschild, 75, is set to hand the role of chairman over to his son, Alexandre de Rothschild, 37, in June. The banking dynasty has been passed between generations for the last 200 years. It was started by Mayer Amschel Rothschild as a French railway company, and five ofRead More

Risk of catastrophic asteroid impact ‘real’ – White House

The US government has proposed an increased global effort to locate 300,000 or so Earth-impact risks and prepare for potential future meteor collisions that could destroy cities Near Earth Objects (NEOs) are defined as asteroids or comets that come near our planet’s orbit. A recently released White House document entitled ‘National Near-Earth Object Preparedness Strategy’ details how low-probability, high consequence impacts pose a “significant and complex challenge”. Russia, Chelyabinsk: Meteor showerRead More

This CIA-Backed D-Wave Quantum Computer Will Change Your View of Reality Forever

Meanwhile as everyone was busy arguing over the bread and circus elections, the CIA was busy funding a computer so powerful that it is described as “tapping into the fundamental fabric of reality” and the man who owns the company says being near one is like “standing at the altar of an alien God.”     Source          

Dead pets “recycled” into PET FOOD

  Dead pets “recycled” into PET FOOD The reason euthanasia drugs are found in so many brands of pet food is because DEAD PETS are being “recycled” into pet food. Yeah, it’s actually happening. Wake up and smell the stink of reality…   .

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