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Tuesday, March 13th, 2018



SUBLIMINAL MUSIC BACKWARDS MESSAGES 2017: Illuminati Music Industry BACKWARDS MESSAGES!! Ty Dolla Sign; Bebe Rexha; MIGOS; “Cool Kids”. Sia leaving subliminals to Rihanna in her songs?? ILLUMINATi – Freemason “MUSIC INDUSTRY”!!!    

Microsoft again forced upgrades on Win10 machines specifically set to block updates

For the third time in the past four months, Microsoft ‘accidentally’ upgraded Win10 1703 machines to version 1709 in spite of explicit, correctly applied, deferral settings. Gawrsh When Microsoft released Win10 Pro Creators Update, version 1703, it included the ability to control updates. Some would argue (and I still do) that the ability to readily block updates is the most important feature of 1703 — and the single reason whyRead More

The Pentagon & Hollywood’s successful and deadly propaganda alliance

The Pentagon helps Hollywood to make money and, in turn, Hollywood churns out effective propaganda for the brutal American war machine. The US has the largest military budget in the world, spending over $611 billion – far larger than any other nation on Earth. The US military also has at their disposal the most successful propaganda apparatus the world has ever known… Hollywood. Since their collaboration on the first BestRead More

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