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70 percent of Americans are being treated for a depression they DON’T HAVE, says award-winning investigative journalist

Award-winning investigative journalist Kelly Patricia O’Meara says when it comes to psychiatric diagnosing, it doesn’t matter what people in the medical and psychiatric community believe, but rather what they can prove. In her book Psyched Out: How Psychiatry Sells Mental Illness and Pushes Pills that Kill, O’Meara argues that tens of millions of Americans are being treated for a problem they don’t have. The following is a snippet from her book:

America has a drug problem. It’s nothing as covert as those illicit and illegal “Just Say No” drugs but, rather, Americans have become drug users by way of being diagnosed as suffering from one or a number of alleged mental disorders.

Whether America’s psychotropic drug users are “better” for having their minds chemically altered is a question that an increasing number of professionals within the medical, psychiatric and legal communities and even legislative bodies are beginning to consider.



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