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‘A DELIRIUM IS SPREADING’ – The Left’s Great Russian Conspiracy Theory

“The very people who for years talked about the problem of conspiracy theories have become the keenest spreaders of conspiracy theories. The people who spent the past few months banging on about the ‘post-truth’ politics of Brexit and Trump have shown they don’t have the first clue what truth is. The people who posed as champions of logic have revealed themselves as peddlers of paranoia…”

During last year’s the election cycle, 21WIRE called-out the liberal establishment’s whole ‘Russian Hack’ conspiracy as a “hoax,” but even conservative media were too shy to go that far in condemning what is obviously one of the biggest put-ups in modern political history.

As veteran journalist Robert Parry said this week on ACR’s Patrick Henningsen LIVE show this past week, a “madness” has set-in in Washington and throughout progressive liberal enclaves throughout America, as the opposition still clings to the desperate hope that some actual evidence to support their conspiracies theories about Trump and Russia will somehow manifest and provide a short-cut to his ouster.


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