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Abdullah al-Senussi execution: This perversion of justice suits Western security services just fine

The secret agreements between our intelligence and Gaddafi’s torturers will now remain safe for good

Shutting them up. That’s what it’s about. The hangman’s drop, the crackle of the firing squad, and their secrets go to the grave.

Saddam Hussein didn’t get the chance to tell us about his dealings with the US and German companies who provided the gas he used on the Kurds. And now Gaddafi’s spymaster Abdullah al-Senussi will be shot in Libya before he has a chance to tell us about the cosy relationship he had with our Western security services when he liaised between his boss, the CIA and MI6.

Not surprising, is it – despite Amnesty’s outrage at the charade of a trial and the UN human rights office being “deeply disturbed” by the sentences – that the Brits and Americans have not batted an eyelid since Senussi, Gaddafi’s son Saif and a bunch of other regime cohorts were sentenced to death last week without defence counsel or testimony or documents or witnesses? All those secret nudge-nudge agreements between Gaddafi’s odious torturers and our intelligence services will remain safe for ever. So everything is hunky-dory. Thank God for Libyan “justice”.

Now, of course, these men are a most unsavoury bunch. Senussi himself is held responsible for the massacre of more than a thousand of Gaddafi’s political prisoners. But he and his successor, Moussa Koussa – who protests that he never tortured anyone and can now be found relaxing in his villa in Qatar because the Brits and Americans are grateful to him for fingering al-Qaeda agents in Africa – were among the most loyal of Gaddafi’s henchmen. If you sup with the devil, you have a good chance of dying with him – or, at least, after a “fair” trial. But justice à la Nuremberg is supposed to involve full disclosure of the crimes of the accused.



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