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Activist Who Served DNC Lawsuit Shawn Lucas FOUND DEAD

The aptly named Clinton kill list that appeared in the Monica Lewinsky trial appears to have expanded this election season with the deaths of DNC data director Seth Rich, UN head John Ashe and now activist Shawn Lucas, who served the DNC lawsuit found dead.

Mysterious deaths of people surrounding the Clintons is rising at a faster rate then ever this tense election summer.

Not much is known at this time how Shawn Lucas died but it’s interesting to note this comes less than a month after the DNC’s own voter expansion data director Seth Rich was shot to death. Seth Rich’s death is still an unsolved mystery and is it a coincidence it was so close to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia less then a week before?

Following Seth Rich’s death, another DNC employee Joe Montano was found dead of an apparent heart attack. In addition to these two DNC staffers’ deaths, there has also been the death of a prominent American Free Press Clinton reporter and researcher Victor Thorn, who according to authorities was found with a self inflicted gun shot wound in the mountains and committed suicide.


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