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Adolf Hitler as Ukraine’s National Idea

The opening of a new exhibition in the center of Kiev honors Ukrainian nationalists’ 1941 declaration of alliance with Nazi Germany

On July 5 a premium congress hall in Kiev, Ukrainian House – Centre of National Idea, hosted a massive “installation”, dedicated to 75th anniversary of proclamation of the “Act of Restoration of the Ukrainian State”. The event,designed by the Organization of the Ukrainian Nationalists, was attended by a number of politicians, autocephalous “Ukrainian church” clerics, media, Maidan activists and “war veterans”. The “installation” was titled “The will of Ukrainian people – against Hitler and Stalin” in full accord with the “politically correct” new European reading of the modern history. It was broadcast live in the Internet, but the video is currectly restricted for watching.

A brainwashed TV-viewer would of course be impressed or even moved to tears by revelations of an old Nazi collaborator about “sufferings of the Ukrainian people under despotic Stalin’s boot” and the overall performance. But those who are still in their right mind, would easily recall some contadicting historical facts.

The Act of Restoration of the Ukrainian State was adopted in Lvov (Lviv) on June 30, 1941, days after the city was occupied by the Nazi troops rapidly advancing into the Soviet territory in accordance with the Barbarossa operational plan.  It was announced by Yaroslav Stetsko, then a leader of the Ukrainian nationalists (OUN) on the payroll of Abwehr, and soon published by Nazi propaganda leaflets in occupied Ukraine:


The edition of “Independent Ukraine” newspaper with the text of the Act, dated July 10, 1941