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After pushing LGBT agenda for children, Disney files patent on cuddly robots that could be used as “sex toys” for children

The Disney corporation is notorious for embedding sexually-deviant content into its lineup of children’s programming. But this prolific cartoon and entertainment icon is reportedly taking its perversion agenda to a whole new level with the introduction of a humanoid robot concept for children that some experts warn could morph into a type of sex toy product for underage adolescents.

As sick and twisted as it sounds, the writing seems to be on the wall as to the next phase of Disney’s subversion of the world’s youth: To bring about their demise through a transhumanism push in the form of new “cuddly” robot toys. Evidence of this is revealed in a recent patent filed by Disney that depicts a “soft humanoid robot” that kids can play with – and that will play with kids.

A rendering of Disney’s disturbing invention depicts a bulbous, “huggable” shape with two arms that purportedly will look like a friendly creature in its finalized form. Children will presumably perceive the object to be a type of living friend, even though it will merely be a robot with potential artificial intelligence capabilities.

Where the whole thing gets even more creepy is the object’s ability to engage in “desired motions and output forces” depending on how it’s programmed to operate. Reports suggest that this humanoid robot will use these motions to directly interact with children in a physical way, effectively becoming a part of their lives and influencing their development.


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