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After winning the Nobel Peace Prize, Obama drops 26,000 bombs in just one year… peace has never looked so explosive

In the messed-up world of the Leftist, peace is war, and the only way to be recognized for the former is to engage in the latter.

About 10 minutes after Barack Obama was elected president in 2008, the Nobel Prize committee began trying to figure out a way to award him with a Nobel Peace Prize for…something.

Oh, yes…peace! So, what did Obama do those first few months in office to win what used to not be a politically motivated award? Why, he ushered in a “new era of diplomacy” with his call for nuclear non-proliferation and his zest for the Muslim world.

Even The New York Times, as reported in October 2009, expressed a bit of puzzlement as to why Obama would win a prize like that after accomplishing nothing and only being in office less than a year:

Normally the prize has been presented, even controversially, for accomplishment. This prize, to a 48-year-old freshman president, for “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples,” seemed a kind of prayer and encouragement by the Nobel committee for future endeavor and more consensual American leadership.

The fact is, Obama didn’t really deserve the prize then, and he wouldn’t deserve it now, based on a new analysis by the Council on Foreign Relations’ Micah Zenko, the United States dropped 26,171 bombs on seven countries in 2016: 12,192 in Syria, 12,095 in Iraq, 1,337 in Afghanistan, 496 in Libya, 34 in Yemen, 14 in Somalia and 3 in Pakistan.

While certainly not all of those countries are sovereign, intact nations with functioning governments that are in control of most of their territory, some of them are (Pakistan, especially, comes to mind)—but did you ever hear the Congress declare war on those countries? (RELATED: Read more news about the stupidity of big government at

What’s also notable is that Zenko’s figures were lower in 2015, according to AntiMedia, which reported he estimated the U.S. dropped 23,144 bombs that year.

The difference “marks a sharp increase in Obama’s trigger happiness when it comes to the use of advanced weaponry, though the targets of the bombs remained the same: the vast majority of his 2015 bombs (22,100) were dropped in Iraq and Syria in 2015,” the site reported.


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