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Al-Qaeda fighters using FACEBOOK to buy and sell ‘CIA weapons’

Syrian rebel fighters are using Facebook to buy and sell heavy weapons, guns and ammunition – including ‘CIA-supplied’ rocket launchers.

One post on a Facebook page shows an AGS-17 Soviet-Era grenade launcher available for $3,800 (£2,731).

One of the messages on the Facebook page says: “Quick friends, I need a gun with a silencer.”

Chillingly, further investigation shows that some of the users active on the page display support for Al-Qaeda-linked jihadist groups such as Ahrar Al-Sham and the Islamic Front, prompting concerns that the weapons could easily fall into terrorist hands.

Ahrar Al-Sham have been implicated in the massacre of 190 Alawite civilians in Latakia, Northern Syria in August 2013.


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