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Alleged Samsung Bug Secretly Sends Entire Photo Galleries to Random People

Based on reports from several users, the latest version of the basic Samsung messenger has a glitch that is severely violating the privacy of owners of the devices.

A new bug in the Samsung Messages smartphone application has been reported to be conspicuously sending strings of gallery images to random contacts, with several users having confirmed that this is the case on Reddit.

One user said that his entire photo gallery had been sent to his girlfriend in the middle of the night, without any action on his part. Others have weighed in on the discussion, confirming that it has happened to them too. Notably, the fact that images have been covertly shared is not recorded on the display of the sender’s phone and can only be revealed in the event of the recipient’s feedback

As there has been no official response from the tech giant so far, it currently remains unclear if the bug is affecting any specific devices or what has to be done to prevent the glitch. Meanwhile, most users who have voiced their complaints are known to be using the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 8 smartphones.


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