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America’s shrimp imports being injected with dangerous chemicals – just to add weight

It seems that the more advanced human civilization becomes, the less we learn about what is and isn’t good for our bodies. That’s the only way to explain why many commercial food operations are so toxic and hazardous to our health.

The UK’s Daily Mail is reporting on a commercial shrimp operation in Vietnam where workers have been videotaped injecting them with disgusting gel-like substances in order to make them appear bigger and fresher before they are sold and exported.

The video shows factory workers injecting tiger prawns (shrimp) in the head, tail and midsection with a gel substance to make them heavier before they are sold.

Vietnam is the largest source of imported shrimp for many countries.

The video footage was shot by a Vietnamese television station earlier this year. Since surfacing, it has gone viral online on social media sites like Facebook, with many people expressing disgust and outrage.

The substance is often used in food as a thickening agent, in particular for icing. But many people who have watched the video are labeling the Vietnamese factory and its workers as “shameless” and dishonest in their attempt to make the shrimp appear bigger and more meaty. In addition, the practice makes one wonder what else is being done to shrimp or other food products, not just in Vietnam, but throughout the region.


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