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Amnesty in Turkey – the torture is scary

Amnesty International claims the use of extreme violence and sexual abuse committed against soldiers during interrogation conducted in a stall in the police sports.
The attempted coup in Turkey in 2016
In a new report Amnesty International has sent out to journalists based in Istanbul, it emerged a number of serious violent incidents against coup soldiers now detained:

According to the report, the prisoners shall have been kept in “stress positions” for up to 48 hours, wounded people to have been denied medical attention, others have been outright beaten up, while several said they saw officers from the army being subjected to sexual abuse by being raped with police batons.


Requesting observers
Testimonies are collected via lawyers and doctors – not directly from the prisoners themselves, explaining Turkey Manager of Amnesty International, Andrew Gardner.

– Our sources would naturally to remain anonymous, for the sake of their own safety, but there are many witnesses who independently tells of similar offenses, says Gardner VG.

– The image drawn is alarming, but nevertheless this is only small insight into the closed and secret-held locations, where they arrested now detained, he continued.

Amnesty asks Turkey drop to independent observers who have access to those around 13,000 who have so far been arrested. Many of those arrested are kept in police sports in Ankara, including in this plant stall


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