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An EU migrant every 40 seconds – the bombshell No 10 tried to bury: Report suggests 800,000 citizens may have exploited free movement rules last year

EU migrants poured into Britain at the rate of one every 40 seconds last year, according to a bombshell report the Government tried to bury.

The extraordinary revelation that 800,000 EU citizens exploited free movement rules to move to the UK was dragged out of Whitehall following a six-month battle.

The number of incomers is more than the entire population of Tyneside.

Tory ministers campaigning to quit the EU said the migrants – many of them from Eastern Europe – were driving down wages and putting huge pressure on public services. They said even more would come in future as a result of the new national Living Wage.

David Cameron was attacked by his own MPs for trying to bury the Office for National Statistics report beneath a major announcement about the future of the BBC.

The MPs, including serving ministers, joined migration experts in arguing it was now clear the true level of mass immigration to Britain from the EU had been ‘undercounted’ for years.


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