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Apple lists 25 most popular malware-tainted apps in wake of mass infection

Apple has set up a help page listing the 25 most popular apps found to be infected with malicious software. This wave of malware was the first of its kind to make it past Apple’s rigorous app review process.

The tech giant announced Sunday that it was clamping down on its App Store after multiple cybersecurity firms reported that malware, dubbed XcodeGhost, can exploit a vulnerability in a counterfeit version of Xcode, Apple’s suite of app development tools. Apple is currently blocking apps created with unofficial tools that can be used to inject the malicious code, but said that they could be re-added to the App Store if updated using Xcode.

The affected apps are of Chinese origin. WeChat and DiDi Taxi, China’s top chat and car-hailing apps, are among those infected. Also included in the hundreds, or perhaps thousands of compromised apps were Baidu Music and the multiplayer game ‘Heroes of Order & Chaos.’


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