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Are LA County’s Homeless Shelters Really FEMA Camps?

With laws being passed by the Democrats (ie Deep State) which criminalizes homelessness, the people, at that time (6 weeks ago) in the inner city seemed to be in jeopardy. Why would the Democratically controlled LA County cities now seemingly reverse themselves and offer free housing to all homeless people? This is a reversal of policies, on this topic, which were implemented only a mere 6 weeks ago. Or, am I looking at this from the perspective? Are we looking at the introduction of FEMA camps with a population that will not complain until its too late? Will the homeless be drawn in by the promise of  “3 hots and a cot”? Will the public be fooled because of the apparent humanitarian nature of the practice?

What is being cast as a humanitarian development on one hand, is actually very disturbing when one examines the flip-flop of LA county and the subject of homelessness and how they should be handled. Upon further examination, this is a very disturbing development on a number of fronts. First, if the governmental authority’s motives were pure, then why would they feel the need to first criminalize homelessness? Secondly, the funding of public housing for homelessness, implemented only 60 days after criminalizing the behavior, is a complete policy reversal, unless we look at this from another perspective.



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