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Artificial Intelligence: How Much Are You Affected By It?

Artificial Intelligence: The preprogrammed handover of our natural, unalienable  Creator-God-given human sovereignty to technology.

Have you ever wondered what AI or Artificial Intelligence is all about?  It’s the deliberate reprogramming of the human race to think and to act according to controllers who want to have absolute control over every aspect of our abilities to think and to act other than the way they approve and program us to act!  Is that happening already with some of the counter-culture crimes in order to steer humans into a ‘mental slave corral’?

Following are excerpts taken from the source link below, which indicates certain aspects of where the NWO controllers are directing the future of humankind into becoming technological slaves to Artificial Intelligence, which most tech-addicted humans are not aware of, in my opinion.

CG are the initials for Corey Goode, a person who worked with high tech and had extremely highly classified credentials, as I understand, which included interactions with extraterrestrial beings of higher intelligence than we, who are working with the U.S. tech companies and government agencies on ET projects.

Corey decided to share what he knows with others through the work of David Wilcock, an investigator working in the fields of paranormal and ET exposure and contact.

Even though the information may seem totally off the wall, however, to those of us who have been ‘tracking’ this stuff as much as is possible due to secrecy and highly classified information, what Corey talks about in the various discussions with David Wilcock ought to make one stop and wonder about the ‘seeding’ of  high technology devices.

Are they what eventually will become part and parcel of a program to take over the human race and have us surrender our Creator-God-given sovereignty [1] to their Artificial Intelligence and Transhumanism programs, which have been in the works ever since the end of World War II (1945) when the U.S. government, working under Project Paperclip, “exonerated” Adolph Hitler’s scientists and brought them to the USA to work on creating the same ‘stuff’ for the United States!


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