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Artworks in Italy censored and covered with blankets for visiting Muslims

The statue of Epaminondas, a historic Theban general and statesman, was covered with a blanket as to not offend Muslims. Also other works were censored as well, The European Post reports.

Several works of art in the Italian palace of Savona took part in an exposition of the Italian artist Mario Capelli. But because of a conference of Italy’s Islamic Confederation at the same location, some art works of the exposition had to be censored because they were ‘too nude’.

Besides the statue, a painting of a woman washing herself was also reportedly removed after the inspection of a Muslim delegation. The author of the art piece denounced the censorship on his Facebook page.

According to newspaper Il Giornale, Capelli said: “Let’s be clear, Epaminondas was covered by Muslims for their ceremonial requirements, I removed the picture at their request, the administration has no fault”

But he Islamic community denies all accusations: “We didn’t ask to remove the picture also because we wouldn’t have seen it and we put a cover on the statue to reconstruct the ancient tea ceremony and used a background to symbolise the desert dunes for the photographs,” says Lahcen Chamseddine president of the Islamic community of Liguria.



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