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Austrian police investigate 5yo old ‘sex offender’


A preschooler in the northern Austrian city of Linz has been accused of sexual harassment toward a 3-year-old girl by the toddler’s parents, local media report. Prosecution referred the case to the child services after dropping a police probe.
Parents of a 3-year-old girl reported a sexual assault of their daughter to the police after her fellow 5-year-old kindergartener allegedly put a Lego brick in her panties. The parents, apparently outraged by such conduct, went straight to police, alleging a “sex attack” and several “other incidents” as compelling evidence, Austrian Krone newspaper reports.

Police had to carry out an investigation in the nursery which also included parents’ questioning. Upon completion, a police report was submitted to the prosecutor’s office to decide whether to start formal proceedings.

However, the prosecutor terminated the investigation and instead notified the child services and guardianship court.


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