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BBC mind control: TV technology may allow viewers to choose channels by thought power

The BBC has come one step closer to total mind control of the British public – but not in the way you might expect.

Developers at the state-funded broadcaster have been testing “mind control” technology that allows viewers to change channels using thought power alone.

The prototype tests, publicized by the BBC in a blog post, showed staff members using headsets that monitored “meditation” and “activity” to allow them to decide which program to select on a TV set.

The headset could render the traditional remote control obsolete, blog author Cyrus Saihan said.

Though the technology is still at an “experimental” stage, Saihan said developers are already getting positive results.

“So does it work?” he wrote. “In a word, yes. Our first trial run saw 10 BBC staff members try out the app, and all were able to launch BBC iPlayer and start viewing a program simply by using their minds. It was much easier for some than it was for others, but they all managed to get it to work. And it’s been a similar story for everyone who’s tried it out in our BBC technology Blue Room since.”

“You can imagine a world where instead of having to get up from your sofa or reach for your remote, you just think ‘put BBC1 on’ when you want to watch TV.”

“Imagine sitting in your car and thinking ‘I want to listen to Radio 4’ and hearing the radio station come on during your commute to work.”


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