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Best Friends Forever? Terrorist Groups Benefiting From Clinton Support

While democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton vows to continue the US’ longstanding “war on terrorism,” it is Rodham Clinton who has undisputedly worked for the benefit of international terrorism, US analyst Caleb Maupin claims.

According to American journalist and political analyst Caleb Maupin, there are at least two international terrorist groups that have “directly benefitted” from Hillary Rodham Clinton’s support.

The US analyst referred to the infamous terrorist organization Mujahadeen E-Khalq (MEK), or the People’s Holy Warriors, which was involved in the mass murder of Iranians and Americans in the 1970s.

During the Iran-Iraq war MEK joined Saddam Hussein dubbing itself the “Iranian National Liberation Army.” The notorious mujahadeens unleashed a massacre in the Iranian countryside killing a large number of peaceful civilians.

After the war, the Hussein government “utilized” MEK to exterminate the Kurds. The overall number of victims killed by MEK amounted to tens of thousands.




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