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Beware the bin lorries with seven spy cameras which will snoop for evidence that you are breaking rubbish rules

Binmen are filing reports on millions of families for rubbish and recycling ‘offences’.
Town hall chiefs have ordered them to rifle through domestic garbage and record where recycling is ‘contaminated’ with food or other waste.
The dustmen are also told to report householders who put out their waste at the wrong time, overload their bins, leave the lids open or fail to use slop caddies.

CCTV is used to record infringements and offenders risk £60 fines.
Almost seven million ‘incidents’ were recorded by councils last year compared with only 1.8million the year before.
Officials are using the measures to try to cut collections and increase recycling. But fortnightly or even monthly rounds mean bins can be left to fester.



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